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Offshore wind developer to protect whales

Vineyard Wind, U.S. offshore wind developer, agreed to take measures in order to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whales while installing and operating turbines at its proposed 84-turbine project 14 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. The agreement in favour of Whales and other mammal species, was between the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Wildlife Federation and Conservation Law Foundation. The organisations wish that the agreement will provide a model for future offshore wind developments to follow.

US moves forward with seismic search for oil in Atlantic

The US decided to allow a first-in-a-generation seismic search for oil and gas in the Atlantic ocean. This move was made in spite of protests claiming that these tests will use loud air gun blasts that will harm marine animals like whales, dolphins and other animals.

New Zealand court quashes seabed mining off Pātea

New Zealand’s High Court has quashed the EPA’s green light for Trans-Tasman Resources’ experimental seabed mining operation off Pātea, in Taranaki and environmentalists are celebrating as the country’s only known population of blue whale ‘has been granted a reprieve’.

Whale tracks found on deep-sea mining region

A new study by UK’s National Oceanography Centre and the University of Southampton has revealed a series of depressions forming mysterious “tracks” on the seafloor, which may be an unprecedented record of deep-diving whales. The observations were made by an autonomous underwater vehicle in the Pacific Ocean.


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