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Japanese fleet kills 333 minke whales

The Japanese fleet that fishes whales returned after killing 333 minke whales in the Southern Ocean. According to the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research from the 333 killed whales, 186 were male and 181 female. Over 50% of the females were adult and preliminary analysis, such as pregnancy rates, suggest healthy fertility of the species.

Environmentalists’ open letter to Iceland’s gov against whale hunting

A group of environmental organizations in Iceland  sent an open letter to their Parliament protesting the Government’s decision to allow whale hunting until at least 2023. The letter is signed by Gaia Iceland, Jarðarvinir, Reykjavik Animal Save, Reykjavik Whale Save, Samtök grænkera á Íslandi, Sea Shepherd Iceland, SEEDS Iceland and Stop Whaling in Iceland.

Japan conducts new whaling research in the Antarctic Ocean

Japan has launched a new whaling expedition in Antarctica, with the Japanese Government calling it scientific research. The fleet is now on its way to conduct the expedition in the Antarctic Ocean through March. The ships plan to catch 333 minke whales in the country’s fourth such whaling expedition since their resumption in 2015, according to the government.

Blue whale killed for commercial purposes, first in decades

Sea Shepherd volunteers in Hvalfjordur, Iceland, have documented the slaughter of an endangered Blue whale on the night of 7 July, the 22nd endangered whale killed and butchered for export to Japan by an Icelandic commercial whaling company, since 20 June 2018.


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