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Iceland delays the issue of fin whales permit

Iceland has not issued a permit on time to allow Hvalur Hf to hunt fin whales this year. Namely, the Government published regulations establishing whaling quotas in February, but the timing of the permit means that Hvalur will not be able to use the quota. Hvalur hf. is the last company in Iceland to hunt endangered fin whales.

NEB suggests approval of Trans Mountain Expansion Project

The Canadian National Energy Board delivered its Reconsideration report to the Government of Canada, with an overall recommendation for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (Project). The report says that the project should be approved, but it also makes recommendations regarding marine shipping. The Reconsideration report concludes that Project-related marine shipping could cause important adverse environmental effects on the Southern resident killer whale.

NOAA regulations to protect marine mammals during Navy training

NOAA Fisheries announced today final regulations requiring the United States Navy to implement protective measures during training and testing activities off the coasts of California and Hawaii and on the high seas of the Pacific Ocean to reduce the effects on marine mammals.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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