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Canada unveils 2020 measures to protect North Atlantic right whales

As part of its concrete efforts to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale over the last years, the Government of Canada now announced enhanced 2020 measures that will help reduce the risks to these marine mammals during the 2020 season from April to November.

Watch: A day in the life of an Antarctic whale

Cameras attached to a rare species of Antarctic whale are giving scientists an unprecedented view of how the whales survive in their sea ice habitat. Scientists attached tags to 30 Antarctic minke whales, to better understand the animals’ sea ice environment.

Watch: Grey whales migrating off California

A drone operator observed six grey whales off Newport Beach, California, during their annual migration, heading towards the warm lagoons in Baja California, Mexico. The grey whale migration can usually be viewed in Southern California from late November into April.

New report analyzes ways to reduce ships-whales collisions

According to a recent research, ship strikes are one of the main human-induced threats to whale survival. A variety of measures have been used or proposed to reduce collisions, and this paper proposes an approach to evaluate mitigation measures based on a risk assessment framework that has been adopted by the IMO, namely the Formal Safety Assessment (FSA).

WWF-Canada suggests the ban of open-loop scrubbers in Canada

According to a new study commissioned by WWF-Canada, 30 scrubber-equipped ships dumped nearly 35 million tonnes of washwater effluent off the BC coast in 2017. The report highlights that these harmful discharges put killer whales and other species at risk, with cruise ships being responsible for 90% of these discharges.

220 pounds of ocean trash inside dead sperm whale

About 220 pounds of tangled netting, rope, debris and plastic have been found inside the belly of a dead whale, near to a Scottish beach. The dead sperm whale was found from a local whale research group on November 30, on Luskentyre Beach in the Outer Hebrides.

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