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USCG to fine high-risk passengers up to $34,000

The USCG issued an alert concerning passengers’ high-risk behaviours onboard a vessel that sometimes lead to severe injuries or fatalities; The Coast Guard highlights that potential offenders could be fined up to $34,000. These actions are dangerous not only for the passengers, but for the vessel, crew and the other passengers onboard. 

New Regulation for crew disembarkation effective in Fujairah

A new regulation has recently come into force in Fujairah which may result in vessels being delayed where they have to land sick or injured crewmembers for medical attention. The West of England P&I Club informs that the vessel must wait until either the crew member returns on board or is repatriated home before being allowed to sail.

Outbreak of Chikungunya virus in the Caribbean

The French Ministry of Health has recently published an alert about the continued risk of the mosquito born chikungunya virus, with respect to outbreaks in the French West Indies and French Guyana.This virus is transmitted by mosquito bites and at present there is no vaccine or cure.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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