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Wellness Corner: Luc Smulders, Paris MOU

Luc Smulders, Secretary General, Paris MOU, tries to maintain a boundary between his personal and professional life, striving for a work-life balance. While remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has improved this balance, challenges still remain. He enjoys spending time with his two dogs and getting up-to-date with the  geopolitical developments.

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Managing the Human Element: A science-informed approach

At the 2023 SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum, Mariangela Zanaki, an Organisational Development Consultant and Psychologist with Ceosan, offered insightful perspectives on crew management strategies, informed by neuroscience. The insights she shared offer a fresh perspective on how leadership behaviors and people management system can be structured in brain-friendly ways, enhancing both efficiency and wellbeing in the crew and shore personnel management systems.

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