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Climate action failure remains a high risk for next 10 years, WEF survey finds

Climate action failure continues to be among the highest impact risks of the next decade, says the World Economic Forum in a new report. Although lockdowns worldwide caused global emissions to fall in the first half of 2020, evidence from the 2008–2009 Financial Crisis warns that emissions could bounce back.

Maersk, WEF, UNICEF to deliver COVID-19 vaccines

Following the COVID-19 pandemic situation along with the vaccine delivery phase, World Economic Forum and UNICEF inked an agreement with 18 shipping, airlines and logistics companies to deliver COVID-19 vaccines.

Climate crisis one of top five risks for World Economic Forum

This is the first time in its 15-year history, that the environment is at the top of list of issues likely to have a major impact over the next decade, as a year of extreme weather events and growing evidence of global heating catapulted the climate emergency to the top of the list of issues worrying the world’s elite.

World Economic Forum presents the steps to measure blockchain’s value

The World Economic Forum collaborated with the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation for the launch of ‘Blockchain Value Framework’ which is a part of the white paper, Building Value with Blockchain Technology: How to Evaluate Blockchain’s Benefits.

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