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Come rain or shine: weather routing for the shipping industry

Lennart Cederberg, Head of GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions, explains the importance of weather routing information which is being shared between vessels to reduce the chances of collisions, near misses, congestion and delays. It also gives operators the opportunity to consider the best options to meet deadlines, control costs, optimise fuel efficiency, and accurately plan arrivals and departures. It’s more than a consultative service, it’s predictive, he says.

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What are Weather Routing and Vessel Performance Monitoring?

Two types of operational weather services There are two general types of operational weather services provided by weather routing companies:A. Optimum Ship RoutingB. Vessel Performance MonitoringOptimum Ship Routing (Weather Routing)Optimum ship routing is the art and science of developing the "best route" for a ship based on the existing weather forecasts, ship characteristics, ocean currents and special cargo requirements. For most transits this will mean the minimum transit time that avoids significant risk to the vessel, crew and cargo. Other routing considerations might include passenger comfort, fuel savings or schedule keeping. The goal is not to avoid all adverse weather but to find the best balance to minimize time of transit and fuel consumption without placing the vessel at risk to weather damage or crew injury.A preliminary routing message is transmitted to the master of a vessel prior to departure with a detailed forecast of expected storm tracks, an initial route proposal with reasoning behind the recommendation and also the expected weather conditions to be encountered along that route or any alternate routes. This allows the master to better plan his route and offers an opportunity to communicate with the routing service any special concerns that he or she might ...

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