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Green Watch – Future Lookout on upcoming Sulphur Cap challenges

The 2019 Hellenic American Maritime Forum gathered experts from the maritime industry, who provided their knowledge and expertise on critical matters that the industry is currently focusing on. One of the key discussions was about the approaching 2020 sulphur cap and the challenges around it. 

Women in Shipping Watch – Expert thinking on the gender perspective in leadership

For some, leadership is motivation, for others inspiration. Until recently, women were rarely seen in senior leadership positions as these positions have predominantly been held by men and men were therefore stereotyped to be more effective leaders.  Research has examined whether or not there are sex differences in leadership; what it is evident, whatsoever, is that a lot of progress has been made on our professional lives over the last 50 years, bridging the gap between males and females.

Green Watch – Future Lookout on 2020 Sulphur Cap

The 0.5% sulphur cap is about to become effective globally in less than two years from now, therefore operators need to consider the available options for compliance. In this special column, we have asked global experts to provide feedback on the best fuel option for compliance.

Smart Watch – Disruption: Technology push vs market pull?

Our “Smart Watch” special column asks industry experts on critical issues with respect to smart shipping developments.  We have asked global experts to provide feedback on what technological disruption that has appeared currently in shipping means to the industry: Is it a technology push or a market pull and why?

Green Watch – Future Lookout on BWM

Effective from 8th of Sep 2017, the Ballast Water Management Convention is now a reality. Global experts share their insights on the key challenges ahead, especially after MEPC71 which extended the implementation timeframe.

Green Watch – Future Lookout on MRV

GREEN4SEA initiates a special column including expert perspectives on topical environmental issues concerning shipping industry. The deadline for MP preparation comes to an end this August, but everything starts now for EU MRV. Therefore, we ask experts to provide feedback on the key challenges ahead.


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