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Ships waste not subject to EU law on transfer of waste

The Court of Justice of the European Union (the CJEU) confirmed that waste from ships is not subject to the requirements of EU law on transfer of waste. The legal case arose from the fire on board the MSC Flaminia in 2012.

Meriaura plans to establish zero-waste fleet

Meriaura Group presented its plans to create a zero-waste fleet in the future. For this reason, in the end of 2018, the group announced a research cooperation with the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), aiming to reduce ship-generated waste. The final aspiration of the group is to make its fleet the least waste producing fleet by the end of 2020. 

Singapore classifies scrubbers residues as Toxic Industrial Waste

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore informed the shipping community that exhaust gas cleaning residues generated by ships are classified as Toxic Industrial Waste (TIW) under Singapore’s Environmental Public Health (Toxic Industrial Waste) Regulations. TIW must be collected and managed by licensed Toxic Industrial Waste Collectors.

Malaysia faces problems with smuggled plastic waste

Plastic waste is entering Malaysia via shipping containers with false reports of another type of import that does not need permit, according to the country’s Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin. A two-week investigation concluded that plastic waste is being smuggled in from countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, United States and Germany.

Northern Bering sea and Bering Strait threatened by increasing ship waste

The northern Bering Sea and Bering Strait region has been an ecological, cultural, and economic center for Yup’ik, Cup’ik, St. Lawrence Island Yupik, and Inupiaq peoples for millennia. Yet, recently, a combination of factors, including less sea ice and more trade and resource development, has resulted to an increased vessel traffic in the region led by huge cargo vessels, tugs, and research vessels, and is expected to continue growing.

P&O cruise ship discharged food waste in Great Barrier Reef

A P&O cruise ship spilled 27,000 litres of food waste and grey water into the Great Barrier Reef during August, as Greens senator Larissa Waters told a hearing, citing a, yet unpublished, AMSA report on the incident. Waste from the galley tank was  discharged by engineers in the Great Barrier Reef.

ESPO: Air quality the top priority for European ports

ESPO presented its annual Environmental Report for 2018 at the GreenPort Congress in Valencia. The ESPO Environmental Report reported that Air quality is the top priority of the European ports since 2013, while the increased interest in the relationship with local community in position 4.

Suspension of all waste import in Thailand

Customs in Thailand recently found that waste imported into Thailand was not declared properly, usually as a recyclable type, when in reality it was bound for waste disposal. The Thai Police also found that a number of recipients of such waste, which were said to be recycling facilities, do not have such capability.

Vessel detained in Salerno for carrying scrap cargo

The Bulgaria-flagged general cargo ship ‘Seven Star’ was detained in Salerno, Italy, as she was found carrying a cargo of hazardous iron waste, which is to be offloaded at the port and arrested. 

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