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E-learning to take over hands-on training in maritime industry?

Over 70% of the respondents of MarTID (Maritime Training Insights Database) survey initiative, World Maritime University (WMU) expect an increase in simulators and e-learning in the coming years. In year 2019, traditional classroom teaching, and simulation training are the most popular training methods for operators, while there has been much debate about whether e-learning in maritime industry works or not. Some believe there is no replacement for hands-on training, others believe there is.

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Captain Peter guides Maersk customers

Maersk is introducing Captain Peter, in 2019's Fruit Logistica in Berlin, a virtual assistant on the company’s Remote Container Management (RCM) platform. In the first half of 2019, Maersk will release the new platform with a revamped design and new product features which will be enhanced by this new virtual assistant, Captain Peter. For the time being, a group of select customers is being tested, as well as improvements on the technical sector in order to simplify processes integrated into the RCM platform.

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Floating platform for civil protection, disaster relief to be developed

General Dynamics European Land Systems-Bridge Systems will develop a multifunctional, modular floating platform known as Pontoon Boat (PoBo). PoBo is a modularly configurable floating device, that can be used to assemble heavy-duty transport, working, diving and recovery platforms or bridges. The PoBo will be ergonomically friendly and will have a mobile virtual reality system to carry out fast and cost-effective training.

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