UK to double trainee funding in maritime sector

UK Maritime Ministry informed that it will provide a £15 million funding boost, which will see more than 400 extra cadets will be trained in maritime roles every year. This program will double the support for young people to £30 million a year, and it will be offered through Support for Maritime Training, enabling the annual intake of cadets to rise from 750 to 1,200.

Iranian drone missions increase in the Persian Gulf

USNI news informed that the Iranian drones in the Persian Gulf and other critical waterways around the Middle East, conducting surveillance flights close to US warships crossing the Strait of Hormuz and operating around the region, have increased. Overall, 14 unsafe and unprofessional interactions were reported in 2017 and 36 in 2016.

2017 is the second hottest year in history

The planet’s average surface temperature has increased about 2 degrees Fahrenheit, a little more than 1 degree Celsius, during the last century, mostly because of increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere. 

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle explores underwater volcanic eruption

A research team consisting from the University of Tasmania and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution used the autonomous underwater vehicle ‘Sentry’ and the remotely operated vehicle ‘Jason’, in order to explore erupted materials from the Havre volcano during a 2015 expedition.

Port of Helsinki becomes busiest passenger port in Europe

In 2017 Helsinki became the busiest passenger port in Europe and possibly the world, carrying  12.3 million passengers. Passenger numbers continued to increase on the Helsinki-Tallinn route in particular, reflecting the development of Helsinki and Tallinn into ‘twin cities’.

Port of LA announces record cargo volumes in 2017

The Port of Los Angeles moved more cargo in 2017 than in any time in the Port’s 110-year history, racking up 9,343,192 TEUs, a 5.5% increase over 2016’s record-breaking year. This is the most cargo moved annually by a Western Hemisphere port.

Lego inspirations by shipping

LEGO officially launched a new product inspired by shipping. This is not the first time for the company, as there are already many fascinating LEGO models in the market set with ship theme. 

Video: Mexican Navy rescues ten after dive boat sinks

A dive boat which was carrying ten cruise ship passengers, was shipwrecked off the coast of Cozumel in Mexico, fifteen minutes after it had sailed. All passengers were rescued by the Mexican Navy and are safe.

Video: USCG rescues mudslide victims

Earlier this week, the USCG aircrews, outside of LA and San Diego, took action in order to perform a rescue operation, as victims from the gigantic mudslides in the Santa Barbara County, were reported.

Climate change puts Arctic in danger

Changes to the Arctic were caused by warming temperatures which allow further exploration for oil, gas, and minerals, thus increasing the risk of pollution in the region. Cleaning up oil spills in the Arctic is very difficult, because effective strategies for cleaning up oil spills in the Arctic are not discovered.


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