Top 5 technologies that will reshape the future

The upgrade of current technologies or the development of new applications open a new world of opportunities. However, we are not talking about technologies that will appear in the distant future but about technologies that do not exist at present and are expected to come within the next five years. These will impact many industries and shipping in not an exception.

New big data project to enhance safety at sea

Dr. Grahaeme Henderson, President of the UK Chamber and Shell’s vice president of shipping, launched HiLo, a predictive modelling tool that aims to prevent ‘high-impact’ maritime events like explosions, collisions and groundings by recording the frequent low-level incidents that are pre-cursors to major incidents.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle explores underwater volcanic eruption

A research team consisting from the University of Tasmania and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution used the autonomous underwater vehicle ‘Sentry’ and the remotely operated vehicle ‘Jason’, in order to explore erupted materials from the Havre volcano during a 2015 expedition.

WWF, partners use blockchain to stop illegal fishing

Environmental organisation WWF and its partners have introduced revolutionary blockchain technology to the Pacific Islands’ tuna industry, the first of its kind for this region, to help stamp out illegal fishing and human rights abuses.

US Navy to weaponize unmanned vessels

The CUSV was developed initially, as a mine countermeasure to tow the Unmanned Influence Sweep System, which emits signals that would cause mines triggered by sound or nearby electromagnetic signatures, to detonate. The armed CUSV can be used for patrol missions

KOTUG eyes drones for safer tug operations

Using a drone to connect the towline to an assisted vessel will drastically improve the safety margin of tug operations, as this will avoid the need for manoeuvring in the so-called danger zone, the company explains.

UKHO to increase frequency of tidal data

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office announced that it is introducing regular tidal data updates to ADMIRALTY TotalTide. Version 18 will allow the UKHO to send new tidal data to mariners through ATT on a more frequent basis. This will allow mariners to access the latest tidal data when making predictions.

KVH Videotel, BIMCO launch cyber security training program

KVH Videotel announced it has initiated a cyber security training programme, in cooperation with BIMCO, to address the threat of ransomware and other computer system attacks that could severely affect the safety of ships’ crew, systems, and operations.

Wärtsilä to accelerate Intelligent Vessel outcomes

Wärtsilä announced the opening of its first Digital Acceleration Centre, in a bid to accelerate innovation and new business ideas, including the industry’s most advanced intelligent vessel and other projects.

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