Spain urged to create Emission Control Areas in Mediterranean

NABU and Ecologistas en Acción found levels of contamination up to 70 times greater in the the Strait of Gibraltar and Barcelona, than the pollution on cities. Under this light, Ecologistas en Acción called the Spanish government to join France in the creation of Sulfur Emission Control Areas that limits the entry of highly polluting vessels in the Mediterranean.

Learn from the past: Deepwater Horizon oil spill

April 20th marks the 8th year since the greatest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry: The Deepwater Horizon explosion is an industrial disaster that began on 20 April 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in 11 deaths, 17 injuries and a discharge of about 4.9 million barrels of oil into the sea, leaving a heavy legacy in the safety history of oil and gas industry.

BP commits to a low carbon future

BP published a new report, called “Advancing the Energy Transition”. The report describes BP’s commitment to a low carbon future and the actions that it will take to keep up with increasing energy demand, while at the same time working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The report sets out targets for reducing GHG emissions from BP’s operations.

Hull Coatings Technologies

During his presentation at the last GREEN4SEA Conference, Dr. Ioannis Arabatzis, CEO, Nanophos, attempted to clarify the misty landscape of underwater marine coatings, for non-chemists. He namely presented contemporary chemical technologies in the market, in a simplified, understandable way and formulated the checkpoints for a successful selection of a hull coating system.

Overview of the recent regulatory framework in maritime industry

During his presentation at the last GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. Antony Vourdachas, ABS, referred to the latest regulatory updates, including those related to air emissions as well. Presenting a regulation timetable from the top (2021), he attempted to clarify the regulatory landscape facing ship operators and owner.

How climate change affects oceans, society and economy

The very active North Atlantic hurricane season, major monsoon floods in the Indian subcontinent, as well as the continuing severe drought in parts of east Africa contributed to 2017 being the most expensive year on record for severe weather and climate events, according to the WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2017.

Overview of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

During his presentation at the last GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. Ole Johan Øby Svendsen, Sales Manager, Exhaust Gas Cleaning, Wärtsilä, argued on how to customize a scrubber system to fit the operators’ need for new builds and retrofits as well as to make a feasible installation process for retrofit installations.

World’s biggest automated container terminal opens in Shanghai

China’s new fully-automated port terminal has opened in Shanghai Yangshan Deep Water Port, becoming the world’s biggest automated container terminal, boosting the country’s efforts to be at the forefront of global trade. The terminal will be able to move 6.3 million TEUs a year, while the whole port to handle more than 40 million.

Revision of EU Directive on Port Reception Facilities

During his presentation at the last GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. Sotiris Raptis, Senior Policy Advisor for Environment and Safety, EcoPorts Coordinator, ESPO, focused on the position of European ports on the revision of the Port Reception Facilities Directive, recently published by the European Commission.

Oil spill in Mississippi after vessel hits pier

The US Coast Guard and local agencies responded to an oil spill near mile marker 100, on the lower Mississippi River, near New Orleans, after the Singapore-flagged vessel ‘Pac Antares’ hit a pier on Thursday morning causing an estimated 4,200 gallons of oil fuel to discharge.