Scientists warn BP, Total to stay away from the Amazon Reef

Researchers, naturalists, explorers and broadcasters are joining the call for oil companies to leave the Amazon Reef alone. The latest call to protect the reef came as an open letter highlighting the importance of this unique environment, and warning of the threat from an oil spill nearby.

First floating mega island tested in Netherlands

The Maritime Research Institute of Netherlands announced that it tested an innovative concept for a floating mega island, to ensure working space at sea. The island comprises 87 large floating triangles that are flexibility connected to one another and, together, they form a flexible floating island.

Statoil urges for immediate action on energy

Statoil issued the 7th edition of its Energy Perspectives report, intended to provide an assessment of long-term perspectives on the international energy market. The report shows substantial future changes in the global energy mix and it describes three different scenarios for global macroeconomic development, energy demand, energy mix, and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

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