Watch: Boat crashes into a jetty in Port Everglades

A boat with four people onboard slammed into a jetty near Port Everglades on Tuesday, and were immediately taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons, with reports stating that they had difficulty in navigating the vessel in the dark.

Watch: Container ship runs aground in Bosphorus

The Liberian-flagged cargo ship “Songa Iridium” experienced engine failure while voyaging south in the Bosphorus, which lead to the vessel running aground ashore in Istanbul, Turkey. Specifically, the incident took place on Friday, December 27. During that time, the vessel had 19 crewmembers onboard, as well as a pilot. 

Watch: Super yacht crushes the Sint Maarten bridge house

The 85.95 metre  superyacht Ecstasea has been involved in an incident in Simpson Bay Lagoon, Sint Maarten. It is said that the Ecstasea itself has little damage, but the almost new bridge house was completely destroyed as it was dragged by an open tailgate.

Watch: Russia’s only aircraft carrier on fire

Russia’s only aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, was caught on fire on Thursday, December 12, during work in Russia’s Arctic Sea port of Murmansk, as Reuters reports. The area the fire took place covers 120 square metres, with diesel fuel currently burning and firefighters using foam, in attempts to extinguish the fire.

Watch: Crane collapses after being hit by container vessel

On Monday 9 December, a huge ship-to-shore container crane collapsed after being hit by the container ship “APL Mexico City”. The collision took place in the port of Antwerp, with the container vessel being unmoored, since its mooring had broken due to squally weather.

Watch: Hellenic CG rescues 14 crew from listing cargo ship

The Hellenic Coast Guard conducted a rescue operation on Wednesday, December 4, to evacuate 14 crewmembers from the Liberian-flagged general cargo “New Leo” as the vessel was seriously listing, posing great risk for the seafarers onboard.

Watch: Livestock carrier capsizes with 14,600 sheep onboard

The livestock carrier “QUEEN HIND” overturned in Midia Port, Romania on 24th November with approximately 14,600 sheep and 22 crewmembers on board. Rescuers of the military, the police and some divers teamed up and made their efforts to face this tragedy. Until now, all of the vessel’s personnel along with 33 ships have been rescued, with the rest feared to be drowned.

USCG questioned over implementation of NTSB safety recommendations

In an official hearing on Commercial and Passenger Vessel Safety on Thursday, the head of NTSB’s Marine Safety Office critiqued the US Coast Guard’s willingness to bolster safety rules for passenger vessels, on the aftermath of three fatal incidents involving small vessels in US waters.

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