Watch: Ship agency improved with digital technologies

Ship agency operations are very important to the shipping industry. Any delay or miscommunication can affect the entire supply chain. For this reason, digital technologies have helped the ship agency sub-sector to be more efficient and productive. By digitalizing operations workers can work from anywhere at any time, while there has been a 50% time saving an improvement in productivity.

Watch: How can digitalization improve harbour craft sub-sector

Digital technology has helped SMEs in the harbour craft sub-sector to seize new opportunities and make large steps in improving operational efficiency, enhancing capabilities and upskilling workers to achieve better job satisfaction and work-life balance. With an electronic booking system misudnerstanding with the counter can be prevented,while it will also help save time in finding the location of the vessel based on GPS.

Scenario: Shipping in the 2020s

During the 2019 SMART4SEA Conference, Andreas Chrysostomou, Chief Strategy Officer, TOTOTHEO, said the near future is expected to form a new era for shipping through technological advancements. Mr. Chrysostomou explained that new society realities are calling upon a new “re-thought” model in shipping. The new digital era in connection with new thinking in relation to enforceable instruments can provide the way forward.

K Line: New method for ship hull inspection

Japanese shipping company “K” Line has joined forces with ‘non-destructive testing’ company Technos Mihara Corporation on a development project using an innovative method for ship hull inspection and maintenance by a drone and image analysis system.

Watch: BP invests in new artificial intelligence technology

BP Ventures has invested $5 million in Artificial Intelligence and named it ‘Sandy’, aiming to improve its upstream digital capabilities. This investment, boosts the company’s continuous work on exploring opportunities to apply machine learning and cognitive computing in its global oil and gas business. It is directed at the Houston technology start-up Belmont Technology, a company that has developed a cloud-based geoscience platform using artificial intelligence (AI). 

Watch: Blockchain technology system to focus on oil and gas industry

Canada-based PermianChain Technologies launches the blockchain technology ‘Permian Token’ aiming to oil and gas investments. Permian Token is a crypto-asset that supports holding rights to the value of proven reserve that is to be produced. The system enables the digital transfer of underlying assets value in the form of digitized value of oil.

Watch: First cruise ship completely designed in 3D begins voyage

Celebrity Edge, the first ship to be completely designed in 3D has already started its Translantic voyage this month. The vessel marks a turning point on ship design, as from the first sketches, every step was done in 3D. Celebrity Cruise officially took delivery of Celebrity Edge from the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France in November 2018. 

Watch: Aquadrone cleans ports and harbours from waste

In an attempt to reduce the vast amount of plastic in the oceans, the Dutch company RanMarine Technology built an aquadrone that sucks up garbage from the water. The drone is called the WasteShark, and it can remove up to 200 liters of trash in one trip, as well as alien/pest flora.

Germany funds high-altitude wind energy project

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy funded a project for the development of a a fully automated airborne wind energy system. SkySails Power, EnBW, EWE OSS and Leibniz University Hannover are taking part in the project, and they will develop and test the pilot system called ‘SkyPower100’.

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