Global marine heatwaves on the rise, new study reveals

From 1925-2016, the frequency of marine heatwaves had increased on average by 34% and the length of each heatwave had increased by 17%, as a direct result of warming oceans, according to an international study in Nature Communications by ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes and IMAS. 

UK to accommodate world’s biggest wind farm

Danish power energy company, Ørsted informed that the offshore construction of what will become the world’s biggest windfarm, Hornsea Project One, has now begun.
When fully operational, probably in 2020, the wind farm will produce enough power for over one million homes. 

2017 is the second hottest year in history

The planet’s average surface temperature has increased about 2 degrees Fahrenheit, a little more than 1 degree Celsius, during the last century, mostly because of increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere. 

Human activity able to decrease ozone depletion

HCFCs are being heavily used different types of actions within vessels, from air-conditioning to conditioning cargo. Nowadays, many vessels are beginning to phase out the use of older compounds, adopting new techniques and materials which are more efficient for the environment.

Major oil companies to pay over climate change

New York made an important step towards protecting the environment, as it sued five major oil companies, demanding ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and  ConocoPhillips pay for the cost of protecting the city from the arising threat that the climate change poses.

Dudgeon offshore wind farm officially opens

Statoil along with Masdar and Statkraft announced the official opening of the Dudgeon offshore wind farm in Great Yarmouth, UK, on November 22. All 67 turbines of the Dudgeon offshore wind farm are now delivering electricity to the UK grid.

Cepsa presents ‘Cepsa Energy Outlook 2030’

Cepsa presented its Cepsa Energy Outlook 2030, in which it analyzes current trends in society and world consumer habits in an attempt to determine how the energy mix will look like in the future. 

World’s first offshore wind farm now dismantled

After more than 25 years of operation, DONG Energy’s Vindeby, the world’s first offshore wind farm, was fully dismantled. Vindeby, in the south east of Denmark, was constructed in 1991 as a demonstration project which was to prove whether it was possible to generate green power offshore. 

Scientists warn BP, Total to stay away from the Amazon Reef

Researchers, naturalists, explorers and broadcasters are joining the call for oil companies to leave the Amazon Reef alone. The latest call to protect the reef came as an open letter highlighting the importance of this unique environment, and warning of the threat from an oil spill nearby.

First floating mega island tested in Netherlands

The Maritime Research Institute of Netherlands announced that it tested an innovative concept for a floating mega island, to ensure working space at sea. The island comprises 87 large floating triangles that are flexibility connected to one another and, together, they form a flexible floating island.

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