Watch: Why Arctic will not be a major shipping region

In this video Kathrin Stephen of IASS, provides 8 reasons explaining why Arctic trading will be limited and 2 reasons why that’s good. Recently, there is a major interest in Arctic shipping, but it is not clear yet if it is sustainable. There are 8 reasons why Arctic trading will be limited in the future, such as unreliability and seasonality.

The global energy transition out to 2040

In the video, Mr. Spencer Dale explains there are three themes shaping the energy transition over the next 20-30 years: The increasing prosperity, mainly in China and India, the increasing competitiveness of global energy, and the constant challenge of needing a more decisive break from the past to bring carbon emissions to the extent needed to achieve Paris Agreement goals.

Video: Mexican Navy rescues ten after dive boat sinks

A dive boat which was carrying ten cruise ship passengers, was shipwrecked off the coast of Cozumel in Mexico, fifteen minutes after it had sailed. All passengers were rescued by the Mexican Navy and are safe.

Video: USCG rescues mudslide victims

Earlier this week, the USCG aircrews, outside of LA and San Diego, took action in order to perform a rescue operation, as victims from the gigantic mudslides in the Santa Barbara County, were reported.

Environment will be the focus point during 2018

Entering in 2018, BIMCO’s CEO and Secretary General, Angus Frew, mentioned that the most important issue this year will be the environment, with GHG strategies and the 2020 sulphur cap being the most significant.

LNG market update

Deborah Turner shares her views on the biggest challenges and opportunities in LNG shipping and how the Panama Canal route has affected the global LNG shipping market, during Gastech event. The next event will take place in 17-20 September 2018, in Barcelona.

Video: Spar platform completed off Norway

Boskalis completed a dual vessel float-over operation of the Aasta Hansteen topside. Boskalis contributed in the transportation of the Aasta Hansteen SPAR from South Korea to Norway and the topside installation. 

Video: Pirates attempt to attack containership

The video, published by CdM Portal, illustrates an attempted piracy attack against a a container ship on December 7. The pirates tried to get onboard the ship, but failed as the vessel performed evasive maneuvers, thus preventing the attack.

How UK performed towards the Paris Agreement

Sam Unsworth from our Sustainability & Climate Change team explains the UK’s performance in this year’s Low Carbon Economy Index and its implications for delivering the Paris Agreement.

Video: First Wheatstone LNG cargo heads to Japan

The first shipment of liquefied natural gas has departed from the Wheatstone Project in Western Australia. Watch a video of the first cargo sailaway aboard the Asia Venture, one of Chevron’s state-of-the-art LNG carriers.

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