Poachers put South African Abalone in danger

TRAFFIC, the international wildlife trade monitoring network, released the report ‘Empty Shells: An assessment of abalone poaching and trade from southern Africa’. In this report, TRAFFIC says that over the past 18 years, poachers have stripped South African coastal waters of at least 96 million abalone.

Watch: A fishing safety success story

With a fatal injury rate of 86%, fishers have been identified as the second most dangerous job in US, according to figures by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Studies by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed the greatest dangers to fishermen are vessel disasters, falls overboard, and machinery on deck.

Fishing vessel sinks after being trapped between two ships

On July 14, the fishing vessel ‘Kristi’ lost power near Clark’s Point, a Bristol Bay village near Dillingham, Alaska. The boat became trapped between two ships and its crew escaped moments before the vessel sank. USCG is currently investigating the incident, in order to identify the causes of it.

Belize removes flag of world’s largest fish factory ship

The International Marine Registry of Belize stripped the Damanzaihao of its flag, after request of Sea Shepherd Legal, for failing to appropriately complete its vessel registration materials and notify Belize of its record of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing. The move makes the vessel stateless.

Crew of sunken ‘Ocean Way’ was unprepared for emergency

The UK MAIB issued a report on the flooding and foundering of the UK-flagged trawler ‘Ocean Way’, off Scotland, in March 2017. The investigation highlighted the danger that can be caused by the lack of bilge suctions in watertight compartments, as well as issues on MCA guidance for fishing vessel crews in emergency situations.

How Indonesia is tracking illegal fishing activity in real time

Partnering with Google, Indonesian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Susi Pudjiastuti, is catching illegal fishing activity in real time, after thousands of vessels’ locations were revealed online. Previously, most of the Indonesian fishing activity had been invisible.

437 million tons of fish wasted due to bottom trawling

Industrial fisheries, that rely on bottom trawling to catch fish, threw 437 million tonnes of fish and $560 billion overboard over the past 65 years, according to a new research by the Sea Around Us initiative at the University of British Columbia. The study also found that fisheries globally caught 5.6 billion tonnes of fish.

Animations present the dangers of oil and gas infrastructure for fishing

Fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the UK. This hazardous job is made difficult by the 100,000 kilometres of cables and pipelines and 4,000 surface and subsea structures that lie off the coast of the UK and northern Europe. These obstacles are dangerous for fishing vessels, as the compromise fishing gear or lead to collisions.

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