Shipping industry condemns ‘intolerable’ tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman

Following the tanker attacks on Thursday, 13 June in the Gulf of Oman, the IMO Secretary General, the International Chamber of Shipping and INTERTANKO expressed their concerns, noting that this is an intolerable situation threatening the lives of seafarers, the environment and the world economy.

Watch: US, China talk regarding enhanced Indo-Pacific security

US Acting Secretary for Defense, Patrick M. Shanahan, revealed the US plan regarding the Indo-Pacific security, during the International Institute for Strategic Studies Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. Mr. Shanahan presented the key aspects of the Department of Defense’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, which was released on June 1.

Watch: Sea Shepherd ship attacked in Upper Gulf of California

On January 31st, Sea Shepherd vessel the ‘M/V Farley Mowat’ was attacked by more than 50 assailants posing as fishermen on board 20 high speed boats while performing maritime conservation patrols inside the Vaquita Refuge in the Upper Gulf of California. A total of 52 skiffs were counted. The poachers threw molotov cocktails and projectiles, including lead weights and large stones, smashing windows and setting the side of the Sea Shepherd ship on fire.

USCG seizes about 8.5 tons of cocaine in San Diego

The US Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast offloaded approximately 7,800 kilograms of cocaine, worth nearly $260-million, seized in international waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean off Central and South America at the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal, San Diego, on Monday July 16.

Iranian drone missions increase in the Persian Gulf

USNI news informed that the Iranian drones in the Persian Gulf and other critical waterways around the Middle East, conducting surveillance flights close to US warships crossing the Strait of Hormuz and operating around the region, have increased. Overall, 14 unsafe and unprofessional interactions were reported in 2017 and 36 in 2016.

EU support for Libyan Coast Guard is "inhuman", UN says

The European Union’s support for Libya’s Coast Guard which has resulted in thousands of migrants being detained in “horrific” conditions inside Libya is “inhuman,” the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said on Tuesday.

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