Shipping to look for new technologies to boost cyber security

Marlink’s President Maritime, Tore Morten Olsen, in an interview with the SAFETY4SEA team during Oslo’s Nor-Shipping, addresses that the maritime sector should firstly focus on seafarers’ education to reduce the human risk and then look for innovative ways to be protected from cyber risks.

Watch: Surfing the Internet could lead to blackmail

Be Cyber Aware at Sea alerts seafarers that internet surfing hides many threats and dangers. Websites are able to collect data; Thus, internet users should be careful where they browse and avoid using the same password. Therefore, Be Cyber Aware at Sea recommends to not enter a website that seem untrustworthy. 

Watch: Cyber-attack the issue that shipping industry is least prepared

The Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2018 sheds lights on digitalization and new technologies. New digital technologies are challenging conventional business models and are opening up new opportunities, however with increasing digitalization the cyber-risk becomes bigger as well. The possible impact of cyber crimes and data theft is significant to the maritime industry, as experts include it in the top three ‘most likely to happen in the next 10 years’.

UN launches Panel to address the effects of digitalization

Tech experts gathered to explain the benefits of digital technology. These experts aim to show how new technologies can be used effectively, while also protecting against unwanted or unexpected negative impacts. The panel will be comprised of women and men of technology, public policy, science, and academia.

Cyber security regulatory framework needs a more holistic approach

During Posidonia 2018, SAFETY4SEA team met with Mr. Pantelis Skinitis, Business Development at ABS, to discuss about industry’s response to cyber risks. Mr. Skinitis noted that shipping industry needs specific guidance on how to implement any cyber security regulatory framework and advised to follow the example from other industries;

The Cyber Risk Landscape

While speaking at the SAFETY4SEA Cyber Masterclass, Mr. Max J. Bobys, Vice President, HudsonCyber, presented the rapidly evolving cyber risk landscape, specifically in the maritime industry. Mr. Bobys discussed the IMO’s current cyber risk management framework, and he referred to common questions into challenges shipping companies face, along with forthcoming trends.  

Cyber risks: Insurance cover and cyber preparedness

While speaking at the recent SAFETY4SEA Cyber Masterclass, Mr. Colin Gillespie, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention), The North of England P&I Club, highlighted that the risk of cyber-attacks is a continuing and evolving threat across all industries and sectors. Shipping companies are no exception.

Integrated Crime Cyber Insurance for the marine transport industry

While speaking at SAFETY4SEA Cyber Masterclass, Mr. Nick Taylor, Consultant, Shoreline, provided feedback on Cyber or IT Security from the insurer’s perspective, noting that shipowners are called to address them. The pressure is not as severe as that imposed by the Oil Pollution Act 1990, where attitudes to prevent environmental pollution had to change.

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