Day of the Seafarer 2020: A call to action for crew changes

This year, the shipping industry celebrates the Day of the Seafarer under different circumstances; the COVID-19 crisis left thousands of sea workers stranded at sea due to travel restrictions, reiterating the importance to secure rights of our seafarers. As such, the 2020 Day of the Seafarer pays tribute to unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day of the Seafarer 2020: #SeafarersAreKeyWorkers

With the International Day of Seafarer coming ahead on 25th June, IMO calls Member States to recognize seafarers as key workers and exempt them from the travel restrictions of the pandemic.

Watch: ECSA launches #EveryShipmentCounts video

ECSA published a video showcasing maritime workers from across the industry from across Europe, who explain their lives in the past few months in keeping the supply chains running and why every shipment counts.

Watch: How to achieve mental resilience onboard

A new film “Coronavirus – Mental Resilience On Board”, identifies some of the threats for those onboard; and focuses on how to combat stress to maintain a good and positive mental state by including details of skills and coping strategies to help.  

SafeLearn launches new ‘Mastering Daily Navigation’ course

SafeLearn, a product line of Safebridge, launches a new online training called “Mastering Daily Navigation.” The course is designed to educate and refresh the knowledge of all watchkeeping ranks on how to combine traditional navigation with modern-day technology.

Study: Seafarers’ challenges brought by port corruption

A new research focused on the pressures facing seafarers by corruption when they arrive at some ports. Interviews gathered by academics at Cardiff University reveal how seafarers are often faced with demands for cash and provisions when their vessels enter ports.

Best practices beyond compliance

During the first SAFETY4SEA Forum in Manila, Mailyn Borillo, President, OSM, discussed the human element, sharing best practices beyond compliance, further underlining that life skills improve seafarer’s wellbeing, yet are the most neglected part of employees’ development. The main challenges of seafarers are challenges on family relationships; mental and physical sickness and further financial burdens, she stressed.

Watch: Rating seafarers’ life at sea

The Mission to Seafarers calls those working at sea to complete the anonymous Seafarer Happiness Index survey, in order to have their say about life on board. The survey will help the industry better understand what needs to be changed. The survey will share the results with the industry, so they know what they are doing well and what needs to be improved.

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