RightShip launches new Safety Score

RightShip has announced the launch of its new Safety Score, with the vision to put operators at the heart of improving standards across the industry. The new Safety Score responds to industry feedback for more transparent methods and a new approach on safety and risk management in the maritime industry. 

Watch: Behind the scenes of IMO Conferences

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) launched a video presenting what happens “behind the scenes” of an IMO Conference, what the preparations are and who are the key contributors to making everything ready for a meeting.

Watch: IMO 2019 awards ceremony

IMO launched a video focusing on its 2019 Awards, where the Organization awarded major personalities of the shipping industry, with each one of the winners playing a crucial part in the maritime world of today.

Year in Review: Top shipping stories to remember from 2019

If we had to choose one – or maybe two – words to describe 2019 for the shipping industry, these would be: human-focused. Despite the fact that 2020 sulphur cap was on everyone’s mind this year, we saw many significant developments in key human areas. From mental health issues, to women in shipping and safety culture, the industry seems to be putting its people first, trying to boost equality and – most importantly – safety.

Watch: Polar cruise vessel hits the water for the first time

The Lindblad Expeditions Holdings’ new polar expedition vessel “National Geographic Endurance”, hit the water for its first float test. Specifically, the designer of the cruise ship Ulstein, informed that float-out was successfully completed in Ulsteinvik, Norway on December 7.

Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea online platform launched

On the occasion of the World Human Rights Day celebrated on 10 December every year and in response to the emerging public international awareness on abuses at sea, British charity Human Rights at Sea launched its online platform on ‘Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea’.

Watch: India’s four steps to become a shipping force

India is moving towards a development, investing heavily in the expansion of its naval and air power across the Indian Ocean, based on its aspiration to enhance the maritime domain awareness and maritime security and New Delhi’s growing anxieties about Chinese inroads in its strategic backyard.

USCG rescuer receives IMO bravery accolade for saving four

Petty Officer Michael Kelly, a rescue swimmer with the United States Coast Guard, received the 2019 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea during this year’s IMO Awards ceremony, on 25 November, after rescuing four survivors from a life raft from a sinking fishing vessel in heavy weather. 

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