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Princess of the Orient: Erroneous maneuvering leads to deadly sinking

The Philippines has a long history of fatal maritime accidents. This time, SAFETY4SEA focuses on the deadly sinking of the ‘Princess of the Orient’. The ferry sank off Fortune Island, near the provinces of Cavite and Batangas, on September 18, 1998, claiming the lives of 150 people. Extreme weather conditions, along with ‘’erroneous maneuvering of the vessel by the captain’’, were the immediate causes of the accident.

Cargo ship sinks off Vietnam, Captain dies

The Captain of the Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Toan Phat 68 died after the ship reportedly sank in South China sea, a few nautical miles off the Qui Nhon port in central Vietnam, in the morning hours of Saturday.

18 dead after migrant boat sinks off Lampedusa

After a migrant boat sank off Lampedusa, on November 23, divers recovered more bodies from the scene, increasing the death toll to 18. The vessel was carrying 170 people, and sank around 1.5 nm off the island of Lampedusa.

Watch: Livestock carrier capsizes with 14,600 sheep onboard

The livestock carrier “QUEEN HIND” overturned in Midia Port, Romania on 24th November with approximately 14,600 sheep and 22 crewmembers on board. Rescuers of the military, the police and some divers teamed up and made their efforts to face this tragedy. Until now, all of the vessel’s personnel along with 33 ships have been rescued, with the rest feared to be drowned.

Sewol sinking: New investigation to commence

Yonhap reported that the Sewol sinking incident is again being investigated to determine the cause and probe any mishandling of the former conservative government’s rescue operations, according to the Supreme Prosecutors Office.

NTSB calls USCG to follow its recommendations on duck boat sinking

Based on fatal incident of the DUKW Amphibious Vessel, Stretch Duck 7, the NTSB issued Marine Safety Recommendation Report, calling the USCG to require sufficient buoyancy for DUKW amphibious passenger vessels and to require the removal of canopies, side curtains and their associated framing, while underway, for those without sufficient reserve buoyancy.


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