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Drunk crew and structural issues result to ferry sinking

An independent commission issued an accident report concerning the loss of the ferry MV Butiraoi which was produced in response to the very strong calls from the public including the Kiribati House of Parliament, demanding answers to a number of very critical issues in relation to the foundering of the MV Butiraoi off the coast of Nonouti on Thursday, 18 January 2018.

Amoco Cadiz oil spill: The largest loss of marine life ever

Last week, SAFETY4SEA remembered the Torrey Canyon oil spill, which claimed the title of the worst environmental tanker disaster in March 1967. The sinking of the Amoco Cadiz more than a decade later came to claim again the title of the world’s worst oil spill, putting another dark spot in the environmental record of shipping.

Improperly secured manhole covers result to hopper barge sinking

The National Transportation Safety Board issued an accident report concerning a hopper barge that sank off Cape St. George, Florida, with a cargo of scrap metal. There was no pollution reported, while also none of the crewmembers were injured. The incident resulted to a $750,000 damage cost.

Bourbon Rhode search operation reportedly slows down

Bourbon Offshore, the French offshore vessel owner, has announced that the search operation for the seven crew members of its Bourbon Rhode vessel that sank in the Atlantic Ocean last week is canceled. A petition to continue the search was launched in Croatia, the home-country of the captain of the vessel.

MS Estonia sinking: One of the deadliest accidents in European waters

The sinking of the ferry vessel MS Estonia in the Baltic Sea marks the second-deadliest peacetime sinking of a European ship, after the Titanic, as well as the deadliest peacetime shipwreck to have taken place in European waters. At the time of the incident, the ship was carrying 989 people, of whom 852 lost their lives. When the MS Estonia sank it shook the shipping industry, due to its unprecedented extent in the number of victims, and the damage it was caused.

Sanchi: The world’s worst oil tanker disaster in decades

As part of its “Learn from the past” series, SAFETY4SEA is focusing today on the Sanchi disaster, which claims the world’s worst oil tanker disaster in decades, less than two years after it collided with ‘CF Crystal’ on East China Sea and took lives of 32 people while causing a vast oil pollution.

Sunken Bourbon Rhode: 3 saved, 11 missing

Bourbon, a French offshore vessel owner, launched a rescue operation for ‘Bourbon Rhode’ anchor handler tug supply (AHTS), which suffered a water ingress in the rear of the vessel as it was affected from bad weather conditions associated with category 4 Hurricane Lorenzo. Despite search and rescue efforts, the vessel has sunk, resulting to three saved crewmembers and 11 still missing.

El Faro sinking: Poor seamanship in the spotlight

The sinking of the container ship ‘El Faro’ in October 2015, claimed the title of one of the biggest marine tragedies in the recent US history. The ship had sailed directly into the path of Hurricane Joaquin, with NTSB and USCG noting that the key cause of the accident was the Captain’s failure to handle the ship against the storm and make appropriate use of weather data. As a result, all those on board perished in the sinking.

Bulk Jupiter sinking: A stark reminder of bauxite cargo risks

It has been almost 5 years since the Bahamas-flagged bulk carrier ‘Bulk Jupiter’ sank off Vietnam taking the lives of 18 crew members. Although the accident could not be officially attributed to cargo liquefaction, it opened discussions on the hazards associated with the carriage of bauxite.

USCG resumes response to Miss Emma fire

The US Coast Guard informed that it continues to respond to an incident aboard the commercial fishing vessel Miss Emma off Oahu. The vessel caught fire on September 17, and burned throughout the night, subsequently sinking. 


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