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Project Venice to embrace electric power

Renewable energy propulsion specialist, REAPsystems is pioneering a clean, green 'drop-in' Hybrid technology in Venice 'water taxis' this summer. Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage city, has approximately 20,000 leisure craft and 550 taxi boats serving some 32m visitors every year. All are currently diesel-powered meaning Venice suffers from high levels of air and noise pollution which affects the water, architecture and health of both residents and tourists alike.

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Venice Offshore-Onshore port system

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtNNWxa3wG8 The European Union has granted EUR 9.7 million to Italy’s Port of Venice and Rimorchiatori Riuniti Panfido to co-finance the construction of the prototype of a Mama Vessel. The Mama Vessel prototype is a part of the Poseidon Med II project, approved in 2014 under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) project, with a total budget of EUR 53.2 million. The EU funds will cover the final design and construction of the prototype Mama Vessel, or technically, Semi Submersible Barge Transporter. Positioned 8 miles offshore, where the sea bed is at least 20 metres deep, the platform will harbour an energy terminal and a container terminal able to accommodate up to two latest generation container ships simultaneously.In the outbreak, I was outspoken with you propecia before and after has changed my existence. It has become much more fun, and now I have to run. Just as it is incredible to sit.

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Trelleborg introduces MOSE project to safeguard Venice

Trelleborg has been awarded the contract for the design and installation of multiple fender systems and bespoke sealing systems for the MOSE project in Venice, Italy, designed to safeguard the Venetian Lagoon, Venice and its neighboring cities from the threat of high tidal variation.  The term Mose, recalling as it does Moses and the Red Sea, is a particularly apt name for the project aimed at saving Venice and its lagoon from the ever-higher tides that are threatening this historic Italian showplace. The Mose, constructed by the Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti – Provveditorato Interregionale per le Opere Pubbliche del Triveneto, through the Consorzio Venezia Nuova, is part of a major systemic program of measures combining physical defense with restoration of the morphological equilibrium of the entire lagoon ecosystem. Trelleborg worked closely with the consultant engineer, Technital, during the design phase as well as with one of the project’s main contractors, Clodia Spa. “For such a large-scale infrastructure project, it was vital that we source a reliable solution that would stand the test of time,” says Diego Zandolin from Clodia. “Trelleborg promised a hassle-free installation process and proven functionality; its fender systems and bespoke sealing systems provide an ideal ...

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Venice rebels against cruise ship intrusions

The city wants to reroute cruise ships arriving in Venice It's a matter of perspective. From aboard a 12-deck cruise liner, the sight of St. Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace and Bridge of Sighs gliding past from a cabin balcony is a breathtaking thrill.But against the backdrop of Venice's storied canals and Byzantine architecture, these floating condominiums present a jarring sight, out of scale and sync with the surroundings.The fatal grounding of the Costa Concordia off the Tuscan coast has sharpened the focus on the largely unchecked boom of these ever-larger luxury liners, and nowhere more so than in Venice, a fragile city already struggling against mass tourism and the steady deterioration of its underwater foundations.There's growing clamor for an urgent rethink to the expanding cruise liner traffic through Venice's historic center. Critics point not only to a threat of accidents, but also air and water pollution, and the injection of an additional 2 million more tourists a year into a city already under constant siege.The city wants to reroute cruise ships arriving in Venice so they stay farther from St. Mark's and other prominent monuments as a possible step toward keeping them out of the lagoon altogether. And UNESCO, ...

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