Gulf of Mexico lease sale results in $159m in high bids

US Interior’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management Andrea Travnicek announced that the region-wide Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 253 generated $159,386,761 in high bids for 151 tracts covering 835,006 acres in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 27 companies took part in the lease sale, submitting $174,922,200 in all bids.

US warns against providing assistance to Grace 1

While the Iranian tanker Grace 1, that was recently released, is sailing across the Mediterranean, the US State Department has come once again to make clear that it does not want any country or entity to help the ship. The ship was renamed ‘Adrian Darya 1’, while it was also reflagged to Iran. It has now left Gibraltar, as the territory’s supreme court ordered its release.

Offshore wind in California could become part of the least-cost portfolio, report says

A new report by Castle Wind, noted that offshore wind power is growing rapidly around the world, driven by dramatic cost reductions and increased interest in carbon-free energy sources. While most offshore wind projects to date have used fixed-base platforms, there is growing commercial experience with floating-base applications that will unlock wind resources in deeper waters, such as those off the coast of California.

US announces funds to improve passenger ferry service

The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced around $32.8 million in project selections to improve the safety and reliability of America’s passenger ferries and enhance mobility for ferry users across the United States. Nine projects in nine states will receive funding from FTA’s Passenger Ferry Grant Program.

US launches warrant aiming to seize ‘Grace 1’

A seizure warrant and forfeiture complaint were launched on August 16, in the US District Court for the District of Columbia alleging that Oil Tanker ‘Grace 1,’ all petroleum aboard it and $995,000.00 are subject to forfeiture.

Grace 1 leaves Gibraltar

The Grace 1, the Iranian VLCC that was seized by British armed forces off Gibraltar on July 4, has now departed the UK sovereign territory on August 19, heading east across the Mediterranean. The vessel was part of a diplomatic issue, as it was accused of transporting oil for Syria.

Shark fin products still on the market despite US ban

As Shark Week started on July 28, restaurants across the US are contributing to the rapid decline in shark species by serving up soup made from shark fins, despite bans in 12 states and counting, the Animal Welfare Institute claimed. According to an online database maintained by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), about 200 restaurants across the country offer shark fin products.

NYPA issues study on EU offshore wind models

NYPA published its completed study on European offshore wind transmission models that will help New York head towards its 9GW by 2035 goal. The study focused on transmission and interconnection strategies, while also development and electricity rate structures in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark, which enabled each country to lower its costs over time.


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