Barge firm fined $18,000 for spilling liquid fertilizer in US rivers

Tidewater Barge Lines been fined $18,000 for spilling 40,000 gallons of liquid urea ammonium nitrate into the Snake and Columbia rivers. An investigation by the Washington Department of Ecology found that two of its steel tank barges were not properly maintained, causing the liquid fertilizer to spill into the rivers during three separate incidents in April 2017.

Deepwater Horizon dispersants harmful to people, study proves

A new report has found that Deepwater Horizon cleanup workers exposed to Corexit dispersant, during the nearly three months oil spilled into the sea, were more likely to experience coughs, wheezing, chest tightness and eye, nose, throat and lung irritation than those who weren’t.

Coastal Louisiana bears scars of oil and gas industry

Under the Coastal Voices program, Oceana traveled to Louisiana, to examine the effects of the oil and gas industry on the Gulf’s coastal residents and marine environment. Oil refineries in the region are mere blocks from homes, and chronic oil spills and leaks mar the water flowing through coastal areas.

US: Captain pleads guilty for discharging waste into the sea

US Department of Justice announced that a captain of the fishing vessel “Native Sun” pleaded guilty in federal court in Seattle, Washington, for discharging oily-waste directly into the ocean, in violation of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships and the federal conspiracy statute.

Hidden pollution exchange between oceans and groundwater revealed

Researchers at the Ohio State University and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have uncovered previously hidden sources of ocean pollution along more than 20 percent of America’s coastlines.Their study offers the first-ever map of underground drainage systems that connect fresh groundwater and seawater, and also pinpoints sites where drinking water is most vulnerable to saltwater intrusion now and in the future.

US charges companies with pollution cover-up

A court in Charleston, South Carolina has charged the Liberian company Aegean Shipping Management and Marshall Islands-registered shipowner Aegeansun Gamma, as well as three engineering officers, with conspiracy and failing to keep accurate pollution control records.

Horizon master wins large settlement after whistleblowing incident

The master of the container ship Horizon Trader has won an appeal at a US court and been awarded over $1 million in damages following a whistleblowing incident. The court found that Loftus’ right to be free of retaliation for whistleblowing was violated, and that Horizon Lines could not provide clear evidence that he would have been demoted regardless of his actions

New bill introduced for oil spills in US waters

US Senator has introduced a new bill which amends the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 to impose penalties and provide for the recovery of removal costs and damages in connection with certain discharges of oil from foreign offshore units, and for other purposes.


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