Three stowaways found on merchant vessel off Port of Miami

The US Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection responded to a report of three stowaways on the merchant vessel, Diana J, on January 16, about three miles off the Port of Miami. The boarding teams found no additional stowaways, rescinded the Captain of the Port Order and the stowaways were taken into custody.

BIMCO: EU, China, US need to boost anti-piracy efforts in Gulf of Guinea

A week after the abduction of six crew members from the container ship MSC Mandy off Benin, BIMCO stressed that piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is an unacceptable burden to seafarers and shipping companies and asked, on behalf of its members, that maritime powers increase their presence to curb piracy. 

Watch: Maritime security exercise between US and Djibouti

Military sergeant, Sarah Mattison, reported on maritime security exercise that took place in Djibouti between US Sailors and Soldiers and Djiboutian navy and coastguard. The exercise is aiming to enhance partner capabilities between the two countries and to help develop a better security not only for the seafarers but for the population too.

Mexican launchas interdicted off Texas

US Coast Guard law enforcement crews of Corpus Christi, Texas has detected and interdicted two Mexican lancha boat crews engaged in illegal fishing in federal waters off southern Texas. A lancha is a Mexican fishing boat approximately 20-30 feet long with a slender profile.

US announces conditions of entry for certain vessels arriving from Iraq

The US Coast Guard will impose conditions of entry on vessels arriving from certain ports in Iraq. Conditions of entry aim to protect the US from vessels arriving from countries that have been found to have deficient anti-terrorism port measures in place. The conditions of entry will apply from October 26, 2018.

US accuses N. Korea of illegal ship-to-ship oil transfers

The US accused North Korea of breaching the UN sanctions on refined petroleum, as illegal transfers between ships at sea took place. As a result, the US demanded an immediate stop to all sales of the fuel. The US said that these transfers, are breaching the UN sanctions. 

US takes measures to deal with Somalia piracy incidents

The US President Donald Trump announced that he renewed for one year the national emergency according to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, to deal with the security situation and the persistence of violence in Somalia, as well as the acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of Somalia.

Maritime security in focus of US-ASEAN cooperation

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations Defense Ministers’ meeting, held in Clark, Philippines, this week, focused on the importance of high-level discussions of strategic defense and security matters, including North Korea, terrorism and maritime security.

US, Philippine navies complete coordinated patrol in Sulu Sea

The US and Philippine navies completed a coordinated patrol in the Sulu Sea, at the invitation of Philippine government, on July 1st. The aim was to strengthen maritime security cooperation between the two countries’ navies and to enhance their ability to respond to piracy and transnational criminal activity at sea, in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

US warns of conflict in Yemen

The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens against all travel to Yemen because of the high security threat level posed by ongoing conflict and terrorist activities.


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