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Update on Asian Gypsy Moths

Ships continue to arrive to North America with AGM egg masses resulting in delays at ports The United States Department of Agriculture and the Canadian FoodInspection Agency have issued a joint bulletin reporting that Asian gypsy moth (AGM) populations remain high this year in Russia, Japan, Korea and Northern China.As aconsequence, ships continue to arrive to North America with AGM egg masses. This has led todelayed entry to ports in the United States and Canada.As a reminder, for vessels to avoid potential delays to port entry in North America, they should:acquire AGM certification;depart from regulated ports as soon as possible following the issuance of AGM certification;andconduct self-checking while en route to North America to remove and destroy all egg massesdetected.Although the U.S. and Canada are in full agreement on therequirement for AGM pre-departure certification and vessels arriving free from all AGMlife forms (egg masses, pupae, adults), due to sovereign regulations and policies, thereremain differences in port-of-entry processes between the two countries.Please contactlocal inspection authorities in the port of entry if you have any questions regarding AGMimport requirements or clearance procedures.

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