Watch: Barges break loose, hit dam on Arkansas River

Two unmanned barges broke loose Wednesday night from their mooring site in the Port of Muskogee, staying adrift for several hours on the swollen Arkansas River, Oklahoma, before they crashed into a dam, Thursday. The barges were carrying about 3,800 pounds of phosphate fertilizer between them.

Mississippi Floodway might open for third time in history

Because of the alarming rising levels seen on Mississippi River, Bloomberg informs that the Morganza Floodway may be opened for the third time in the history, increasing the possibilities of flooding a large part of rural Louisiana and affecting refineries in the region.

Towboat hits Eads Bridge in St. Louis

A towboat hit St. Louis’ Eads Bridge on May 3, possibly because of increasing flood waters. According to USCG officials, the tugboat was damaged to its pilot house but there were no injuries. The bridge was not harmed neither. After the accident, USCG closed a part of the Mississippi to all ship traffic from mile marker 179 to 184,

Fire breaks out on bulk carrier at North Carolina Port

A fire broke out in the crew cabins of the bulk carrier ‘Albany Sound’, while the ship was berthed at North Carolina Port, Morehead City, US, on April 14. Ac cording to information, the fire affected only the crew cabins and not other parts of the ship. Morehead City Fire fighters, helped by other departments, went on the incident scene and put out the fire by the afternoon of the same day. Currently, the bulk carrier is berthed at the port.

Container explosion shakes Port of Los Angeles

An explosion took place outside the Port of Los Angeles, on April 15. The explosion led to a fire and destroyed a big rig, as well as various vehicles. According to the relevant authorities, no one was injured due to the explosion. Commenting on the incident, the police said that an industrial accident caused the explosion of the cargo container with cars, as it was heading out of the port.

Storage tanks at Deer Park Complex catch fire

Six petrochemical storage tanks caught fire at the International Terminal Co. storage farm at Houston’s sprawling Deer Park refining complex, on March 17. The fire spread quickly, and managed to affect a total of seven filled. These tanks include gasoline, xylene, naphtha and lubricant base oil. All employees are accounted for, and no injuries have been reported.

R/V Petrel publishes photos of wrecked USS Wasp

The crew of Paul Allen’s research vessel, the R/V Petrel discovered the American wrecked aircraft carrier USS Wasp (CV7), which was sank in 1942 after being fatally damaged by Japanese torpedoes. After several AUV dives Petrel found it in 14,000 feet of water, miles from the best estimate of its final position. 

Venezuelan Navy threatens to fire Puerto Rico humanitarian aid ship

A Venezuelan Navy vessel threatened to open fire on a vessel from Puerto Rico that was carrying humanitarian aid on February 23. The vessel had six US citizens on board. In light of the incident, Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló noted that he informed the US government of the issue.

Deck boat collides with bay boat off Louisiana

The US Coast Guard responded to a report of four people in the water after two vessels collided near Baptiste Collette Bayou, Louisiana, on January 16. The boat is now half sunken in Baptiste Collete Bayou outside the channel waiting for salvage. Namely, a 40-foot commercial deck boat with eight people aboard collided with a 24-foot bay boat with four people aboard.


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