Two ships detained in Singapore for breaching US sanctions

Two ships transporting Iranian LPG or liquid gas, involved in Iran-China deliveries, were reportedly detained in Singapore on July 22 and 24. The detentions come under US sanctions, banning exports of Iranian oil and gas. The two vessels are no longer listed as ‘under Sheriff’s arrest’. Specifically, on the ships seems to have been released, while the other one is still at port.

US to sell North Korean seized vessel

The US Marshals Service that has under custody the North Korean-owned vessel, Wise Honest, is under discussions on selling the seized vessel, as they have been ordered by a federal court. Yet, it is to be decided whether the Otto Warmbier family will receive the sale proceeds.

US FMC launches detention and demurrage investigation

The US Federal Maritime Commission has launched the first phase of investigation into port demurrage, detention, and free time practices by ordering ocean common carriers to provide information and documents explaining those practices. A similar effort with respect to container terminals at major US ports is also underway.


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