How to prepare for Cyber Security

At the 2019 SMART4SEA Conference, Cynthia Hudson, CEO, HudsonAnalytix, suggested that a response organization headed by an appointed Cyber QI or similar in the US, Cyber Incident Response Team and Cyber Incident Response Organization be strongly considered during planning, training and exercise process of Cyber Incident Readiness.

US warns about potential web and mail traffic interceptions

The US Department of Homeland Security issued an Emergency Directive warning federal agencies of incidents regarding Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure tampering. Namely, attackers have redirected and intercepted web and mail traffic. DHS directs agencies to change passwords and add multifactor authentication. 

Watch: Cyber threat among the top risks for 2019

Eurasia Group issued its annual forecast of the top political risks that are most likely to arise this year, listing cyber threat at the third place. Cyber threat in business, including shipping, has gained increased attention as an issue in the past year.

Survey reveals false sense of cyber security preparedness in US maritime

Maritime law firm Jones Walker issued results of its 2018 Maritime Cyber Security Survey, on several leaders and managers representing the US maritime industry. The results confirmed that rapidly evolving technologies present significant cyber security risks, which the industry is unprepared to shoulder.

Infographic: October is cyber security awareness month

October has been recognized as a Cyber Security Awareness Month in the US since 2003, as well as the EU, aiming to raise awareness on cyber threats, promote cyber security among citizens and organizations; and provide resources to protect themselves online, through education and sharing of good practices.

US reveals strategy to improve cyber security

US’s President Donald Trump signed America’s National Cyber Strategy. This strategy states that it will use all available means to keep America safe from cyber threat. As for the maritime sector, it has modernized and it has become more vulnerable to cyber exploitation or attack. So, maritime security is of ‘particular concern ‘.

How US tackles cyber threats

In an initiative that perhaps the shipping industry can learn from, the US Marine Corps launched a couple of years ago the Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group (MCCYWG), a hacking support unit which now supports the US Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace (MARFORCYBER) established in 2010.

Cosco still affected by cyber attack

After Cosco’s operations in the US were hit by a cyber-attack on Tuesday, July 24, affecting its daily operations, there are reports saying that the cyber attack has spread. As the company informed, the network has failed in Americas, and as a result the email and telephones are not working properly.

Cyber attack hits Cosco’s operations in US

Cosco’s operations in the US were hit by a cyber-attack on Tuesday, July 24. As a result its daily operations in the US were affected. The company’s operations outside the US are not affected, according to reports, while terminal operations are continuing their operations unaffected.


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