US announces the launch of a Virtual Archaeology Museum

The US Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announced that it launched a Virtual Archaeology Museum. The museum shows video, detailed 3D models and mosaic maps of shipwrecks mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries. These shipwrecks were discovered via underwater research and oil and gas exploration.

US unveils AI strategy to support military operations

The US Department of Defense issued its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy as part of its efforts to accelerate the adoption of AI and the creation of a force fit for today. The strategy seeks to harness the potential of AI to transform all functions of the Department positively, thereby supporting US servicemembers, but not replacing them. 

Watch: US Navy provides 3D simulator for aircraft carrier flight deck crews

The US Office of Naval Research Global and the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division collaborated to create a training simulator for aircraft carrier flight deck crews. The simulator has 3D technology and enables the communication of the full flight deck team with akey decision-makers.

US leads the way in the digital sector

Euler Hermes presented its Enabling Digitalization Index 2018, showing each country’s ability to provide the necessary environment for businesses to succeed in an increasingly digitalized global economy. The US, Germany and the Netherlands are the top 3, while out of the 30 top markets, 8 are in the Asia-Pacific region.

First automated passport control system set onboard a ferry

US Customs and Border Protection, along with the ship operator of Ferries del Caribe, announced the implementation of the first Automated Passport Control System onboard the San Juan-Santo Domingo ferry, aiming to expedite the entry process of the passengers.

New policy letter on issuance and acceptance of e-certificates

The new Policy Letter authorizes and states the conditions under which Authorized Classification Societies and Recognized Organizations may issue electronic certificates to U.S. flag vessels as well as the conditions under which they will be accepted by the Coast Guard for foreign vessels subject to Port State Control Exams in the US.

INTTRA launches two new cloud-based products

US-based INTTRA announced two new cloud-based products and enhancements. The first is the Container Forecasting and Allocation Solutions Tool (C-FAST) and the second is a new version of its Ocean Schedules.

New legislation aims to enhance cybersecurity at California ports

The ‘S. 2083 legislation’ would require the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish a model for assessing cybersecurity risk in the maritime sector, as well as guidelines for information sharing with the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center.

US argue Cyber Risk to be incorporated in SMS

Cyber-related risks are operational risks that are appropriately assessed and managed in accordance with the safety management requirements of the International Safety Management Code, the United States support in their submission paper to IMO and call for action.

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