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US sanctions against Venezuelan cryptocurrency impact shipping

Following introduction of the cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ in February 2018, the US President has issued a further Executive Order, which prohibits US persons, and persons within the US, from engaging in any dealings in “any digital currency, digital coin or digital token” issued by Venezuela on or after 9 January 2018, which would include the Petro.

US imposes sanctions against Russian entities and individuals

The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, announced the imposition of sanctions against additional Russian entities and individuals. The New US Sanctions Targets include the designation of three entities and 13 individuals which are now included on OFAC’s SDN and Blocked Persons List.

Overview of Sanctions related to maritime industry

Insurers, flag registries, shipping companies, financial institutions, and others involved in shipping-related transactions may be subject to one or more sanctions prohibitions related to North Korea. The information herebelow is based on a recent advisory on N. Korea Sanctions, issued by the US Department of Treasure.

US warns about North Korean tactics to avoid sanctions

US provides examples of the types of tactics used by North Korea to obfuscate the identity of the vessels, the goods being shipped, and the origin or destination of cargo and also suggests measures to mitigate the risk of engaging in prohibited activity or processing prohibited transactions.

US strengthens sanctions on North Korean shipping

The US announced the largest set of sanctions ever imposed in connection with North Korea, targeting shipping companies, vessels, and individuals across the world accused of illicit trading with the country. Specifically, the US is sanctioning 27 entities, 28 vessels, and one individual, all involved in sanctions evasions schemes. 

Vessels affected by US Sanctions on N.Korea

USCG informs about the Executive Order (EO) issued by the US President which promulgates a broad range of economic sanctions on North Korea and it provides guidance regarding vessels potentially affected by US sanctions regarding North Korea.

US Sanctions against Sudan to be lifted until October

The North P&I Club has issued an update regarding US Sanctions against Sudan to inform that the temporary lifting has been extended  until 12 October 2017. President Trump has issued an Executive Order to extend the period of temporary relief and means that the US sanctions have not been formally revoked.

US take steps to revoke sanctions against Sudan

The Standard P&i Club informs that President Obama signed an Executive Order (E.O.) last week which will revoke sanctions against Sudan on 12 July 2017, if the Government of Sudan sustains positive actions it has taken over the last six months.

US imposes additional sanctions on North Korea

Following the recent adoption of a further resolution against North Korea in the United Nations, in addition to unilateral sanctions against the country by Japan and South Korea, the United States itself announced additional sanctions against North Korea on December 12, 2016.

New amendment on Cuba sanctions

The US has long maintained sanctions against Cuba which include a ban on vessels calling in US waters for 180 days after having traded to Cuba. The West of England P&I Club says this prohibition has been amended so that a wider range of non-US vessels may now call at Cuba and then proceed directly to the US.


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