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USCG: Face-to-face interaction during port operations, when possible

The US Coast Guard issued an updated marine safety bulletin concerning the COVID-19, focusing on the efficient implementation of port and facility operations.The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted to several challenges, such as cruise cruise ships mooring at facilities not approved for passenger operations, garbage removal, and facility and vessel crew interactions.

California requests USNS Mercy Hospital Ship against COVID-19 outbreak

Following the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the government of California wrote a letter to the Trump Administration requesting immediate deployment of the USNS Mercy Hospital Ship to the Port of Los Angeles until September 2020, so as to be prepared in response to the disease.

North Carolina ports fully resume operations after Hurricane Florence

North Carolina Ports’ terminals in Wilmington and Morehead City resumed full commercial truck operations on Monday, following Hurricane Florence which forced the terminals to close on Thursday, 13 September. Both ports reopened to employees and vessel operations late last week.

USCG: Port status update after Hurricane Florence

After the passage of the Hurricane Florence that hit North and South Carolina on Friday, the US Coast Guard Captain of the Port of North Carolina has now fully reopened the Port of Morehead City to all vessel traffic without any restrictions, as of Wednesday.

US ports close ahead of hurricane Florence

The US Coast Guard Captain of the Port for Hampton Roads, Virginia has suspended port operations and ordered the port to close. This was decided in order to prepare for Hurricane Florence. In addition, Hampton Roads are under Condition Zulu, which means that gale-force winds are expected.

USCG reopens Port of Virginia

The United States Coast Guard issued a bulletin, informing that the Port of Virginia was reopened on 14 March, at 8:40 a.m. The USCG captain of the port had closed it, on 13 March, at 9 p.m., in anticipation of high winds.

USCG closes Port of Virginia

The USCG has announced that the Port of Virginia has been closed in anticipation of high winds. All vessels are going to be prohibited from entering or departing Chesapeake Bay.

RMI: How to complete the critical items checklist prior to US ports

The Republic of the Marshall Islands has issued a Marine Safety Advisory to explain the correct method for completing, verifying, and submitting the form ‘Critical Items Checklist’ (MSD 340) to ensure that it accurately reflects the status of the critical items, particularly the Quick Closing Valves (QCVs) and other items that may lead to an unsafe condition onboard an RMI-flagged ship.

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