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Fire breaks out on bulk carrier at North Carolina Port

A fire broke out in the crew cabins of the bulk carrier ‘Albany Sound’, while the ship was berthed at North Carolina Port, Morehead City, US, on April 14. Ac cording to information, the fire affected only the crew cabins and not other parts of the ship. Morehead City Fire fighters, helped by other departments, went on the incident scene and put out the fire by the afternoon of the same day. Currently, the bulk carrier is berthed at the port.

Container explosion shakes Port of Los Angeles

An explosion took place outside the Port of Los Angeles, on April 15. The explosion led to a fire and destroyed a big rig, as well as various vehicles. According to the relevant authorities, no one was injured due to the explosion. Commenting on the incident, the police said that an industrial accident caused the explosion of the cargo container with cars, as it was heading out of the port.

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