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Port automation comes with political cost, Moody’s says

Moody’s published a report focusing on the value of container port automation in all applications, warning that the high capital investment, uncertain productivity gains, the potential disruption to ongoing operations and the concerns of labour unions all pose risks to automation projects. 

Electric automated straddle carriers to operate at Port of LA’s Pier 400 facility

APM Terminals has in its plans to add electric automated straddle carriers to its Pier 400 facility in the Port of Los Angeles. This move has raised protests by longshore union leaders, who asked the city’s council to intervene, as they believe that longshoremen will lose hundreds of shifts per day, because of the new technology.

Port of Oakland receives funds for seaport technology program

The Alameda County Transportation Commission received $12.45 million from the California Transportation Commission to apply the Freight Intelligent Transportation System program at the Port of Oakland. FITS consists of 15 freight technology demonstration projects, aiming to address traffic management, security systems and roadway improvements at the Oakland seaport. The funding comes from California Senate Bill 1 funds.

Port of Charleston uses new Terminal Operating Solution

South Carolina Ports Authority has gone live with a graphical planning solution from Tideworks, at the Port of Charleston’s Wando Welch and North Charleston terminals. This is the first phase of the Port of Charleston project. In this first phase of the project, all stevedores in the port complex have access to the system’s platform to increase process visibility throughout the terminal.

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