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Seized North Korean bulker leaves American Samoa bound for scrapping

The North Korean bulk carrier ‘Wise Honest’, which was detained for over five months in the port of Pago Pago, American Samoa, eventually departed under tow on Monday, bound for demolition, less than three months after the US revealed intentions to sell the seized vessel, following order by a federal court. 

US Court urges Carnival to address ocean pollution problems quicker

A federal judge urged Carnival to work faster, in order to mitigate ocean pollution problems, that the company has caused. Namely, during a hearing in Miami, US District Judge Patricia Seitz noted that more concrete actions and less promises are needed from Carnival.

US court fines Hyundai $47 million for selling dirty engines

The US Department of Justice published a statement that Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc. (HCEA) and Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd (HHI) agreed to pay a $47 million civil penalty for violating Title II of the Clean Air Act. 

US Court decides on bystander emotional distress claims

In the US a shipowner may face emotional distress claims from third parties, passengers or crew who witness traumatic events that take place on or near an associated ship, Standard Club informs. As a result, a crew may not claim compensation for emotional damages solely from witnessing the death of another without showing physical trauma or the fear of physical trauma from witnessing the event.  

USCG seaman faces charges of murdering shipmate

On August 28 authorities arrested a US Coast Guard member, and then sent him to San Diego, in which he will be waiting for court-martial proceedings, as he faces charges for allegedly killing a fellow seaman in Alaska. He is now waiting for an Article 32 hearing, which will decide if there is enough evidence for the arrested man to stand trial during a court-martial.

Israeli NGO sues Gibraltar to free Grace 1

An Israeli NGO asked a court in Gibraltar to seize and sell the Iranian-controlled tanker Grace 1 to please a US court judgement. The vessel was seized on July 4 by the UK Royal Marines while passing near Gibraltar. 

US: Two freight transportation executives sentenced for price fixing

The US District Court in Miami has sentenced two executives for their role in a conspiracy to fix prices of international freight forwarding services, according to the US Department of Justice. They were both charged with fixing prices in June 2018, and pleaded guilty in November 2018.


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