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Ocean Observing System report card for 2019 launched

The Ocean Observing System report card that provides insight into the status of the global ocean observing system. Since the nations need that action has to be taken to tackle climate change, the report highlights the importance of sustained ocean monitoring.

Solomon Trader could be refloated soon

The bulk carrier Solomon Trader is possible to be refloated and towed from the reef at Lavagu Bay, West Rennell, Solomon Islands. The operation could take place within a couple of weeks. The Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier ‘Solomon Trader’ was loading bauxite when it ran aground due to unexpected gale at Kangava Bay, Rennell Island, on 4 February, causing an environmental disaster. 

Solomon Trader oil spill worse than first thought

The salvage operation from the grounded bulk carrier ‘Solomon Trader’, which ran aground on 4 February at a Unesco World Heritage site in the Solomon Islands, completed over the weekend, but the oil spill is worse than first thought, its owner King Trader said. 

Sea level rise threatens Mediterranean UNESCO heritage sites

A study, published in Nature Communications, reports that of 49 World Heritage Sites located on low-lying Mediterranean coasts and 37 of them face the risk of damage from floods and 42 of them face the risk from coastal erosion due to the constant sea-level rise. Flood risk may rise by 50% and erosion by 13% across the Mediterranean, with risks at some individual sites considerably higher.

52 Fishing Aggregating Devices found in UNESCO-listed Aeolian Islands

Sea Shepherd’s vessel ‘Sam Simon’ together with Lipari’s Coast Guard, Milazzo’s Revenue and Customs Authorities, and with the collaboration of artisanal fishermen, confiscated 52 Fishing Aggregating Devices (FADs) and 100 km of polypropylene line in Italy’s Aeolian Archipelago in 178 hours.

Italy bans cruise ship traffic in Venice

An Italian governmental committee decided on Tuesday to ban the largest cruise ships from Venice’s Giudecca Canal, in response to a long-year criticism by environmentalists and local residents. The criticizers have been voicing concerns about damage to the shallow lagoon and to the canals.

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