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Companies introduce Under Keel Clearance solution

MetraWeather and science partner MetOcean Solutions will be demonstrating MetOceanView (MOV), a decision support dashboard that providess ports with precise, real-time marine forecasts, visualisations and threat matrices during the Pilotage & Port Logistics Conference The forecast growth in container and cargo volumes, transits of ever-larger vessels, and increased cruise liner visits, mean ports must effectively manage marine and weather events as part of successfully and safely expanding their port operations.Port authorities across Australia, including Ports of Sydney, Port Kembla, and QCLNG at Gladstone, have deployed MOV for marine weather guidance. MOV helps these ports to strive for operational efficiencies; maintain health, safety and environment protocols to minimise worker risk; and mitigate the impacts of weather and marine events on port infrastructure and assets.Of particular interest to pilots and port authorities at Pilotage & Port Logistics 2015, will be the predictive under keel clearance (UKC) module in MOV. UKC calculates the available depth for a specific vessel, or class of vessel, along a pre-defined harbour transit. It takes a range of input parameters, including dynamic wave conditions, and displays them in the dashboard. It allows pilots to calculate under-keel clearance and optimise safe sailing windows.At this year’s Conference, MetraWeather and MetOcean Solutions invite guests ...

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