EU, UN Environment agree on new roadmap for cleaner oceans

UN Environment and the European Commission will cooperate through the 2018 Oceans Roadmap 2.0 to address the threats of pollution and marine litter, in line with UN Environment and EC international commitments and the implementation of ocean related Sustainable Development Goals.

A 10-step roadmap for policymakers against ocean plastics

A recent report by UN Environment, examining the state of plastic pollution in 2018, finds a surging momentum in global efforts to address plastic pollution. The first-of-its-kind accounting finds plastic bag bans, if properly enforced, can effectively counter one of the causes of plastic overuse.

UN: More than 40% of the population affected by air pollution

Covering more than 4,300 cities in 108 countries, pollution data presents an estimated 4.2 million deaths each year caused by air pollution. More than 90% of the victims come from low- and middle-income countries in Asia and Africa, followed by others in the Eastern Mediterranean region, Europe and the Americas.

Ten things you can do to save the oceans

As the World Ocean Conference is being held in New York this week and, on the occasion of the World Ocean Day on 8 June, the United Nations Development Program cites ten simple advice that everyone could do, in order to save oceans.

Marine species harmed by debris increase

The Convention on Biological Diversity has published report highlighting that the number of marine species affected by marine debris has risen to 817 when effects such as ingestion, entanglement, ghost fishing, dispersal by rafting and provision of new habitat are all considered.

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