UK MCA boards cargo that departed Sweden without permission

Scandinavian Coast Guard asked the UK MCA to board the Rix Emerald following allegations that the vessel departed Sweden without permission, and disappeared when the Swedish Transport Agency tried to detain the vessel, as the Courier reports.

UK MCA: Two guides on navigation and STCW

The UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (UK MCA) has published two guides on seafarer practices; The first guide discusses the importance of watch-keeping and the impact of over-reliance on a single electronic navigational aid. The second guide focuses on UK requirements for safe manning operations.

Drone trial begins to support search and rescue off Essex

Essex Police, the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) have teamed up on a new one-year-long drone trial to support vital search and rescue action around the coast of Essex. The trial started on 29 April.

UK NWA publishes revised Workboat Code

The UK National Workboat Association (NWA) launched the second edition of the Workboat Code, a document aimed at redefining working practices and standards for vessel operators across a number of maritime sectors. The association highlighted that the demand for a Code of Practice has increased due to technical innovations and a variety of vessels.

UK MCA publishes notice on transport of dangerous goods and marine pollutants

The UK MCA published a Merchant Shipping Notice regarding the transport of dangerous goods and marine pollutants in packaged form by sea on ships within UK waters and on UK ships. The amendment 39-18 to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code will enter into force globally on 1 January 2019, with a twelve month “transitional period” until 31 December 2019.

UK MCA: How to prevent fire in engine rooms and cargo pump rooms

UK MCA reiterated IMO advice on  the prevention of fire in Engine Rooms, Cargo Pump Rooms and other high fire risk spaces, following a recent incident of fire onboard a UK flagged vessel which resulted in one fatality. UK MAIB investigation highlighted that there were no systems in place to require the inspection of the ships low pressure fuel pipework.

Guidance on transport of dangerous goods in a private vehicle

The UK MCA issued a marine guidance note regarding the transport of items, which are classified as dangerous under the IMDG Code, when carried by individuals in a private vehicle -such as cars/caravans/trailers/mobile homes- or by foot passengers. It does not include vehicles in commercial use, ambulances or vehicles driven by contractors/employees.

UK MCA amends its Code of Safe Working Practices

UK MCA released an updated version of the ‘Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers’ in late December 2017. The amendments advise on  improving health and safety of seafarers primarily on board UK registered ships. 

Undertake work over the side

The UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency released a Marine Guidance Note about the use of equipment, while undertaking work on commercial Yachts, small Commercial Vessels and loadline Vessels. This Marine Guidance Note’s goal is to provide guidance on the use of “rail and trolley” and similar systems.

New FSM Code to assist fishermen with ILO 188 implementation

The UK’s fishing federations in conjunction with the MCA Fishing Safety ​team have developed a Fishing Safety Management System that will assist fishermen with the imminent implementation of a generational change to fishing safety legislation, the ILO 188 Fishing Convention.


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