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Lessons learned for fishing industry after vessel capsizing

On the occasion of the investigation release of the capsizing of the fishing vessel Anna-Marie II, UK MAIB issued a safety flyer to the fishing industry about staying alert to the risk of capsize and inverting, particularly in steep waves, and the importance of wearing a personal flotation device.

Lessons learned: Auto-inflating lifejackets save crew after vessel sinks

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB analyzes a vessel flooding and sinking caused likely by the catastrophic failure of the engine cooling water system hose or a hull fitting. MAIB stressed that the crew were saved thanks to wearing their auto-inflating lifejackets that kept them afloat.

Lessons learned: Fire on Ro-Ro contained after crew’s quick action

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB describes a case of fire on a vehicle on the car deck of a Ro-Ro vessel, resulting from an electrical short-circuit. The investigation highlighted that the crew’s quick and efficient reaction brought the situation under control and there were no injuries. 

Planning of ballast operations ensures safety and stability of vessel

In the 2020’s Safety Digest, the UK MAIB refers to a container vessel that listed heavily to starboard, when the chief engineer decided to pump more water into the starboard ballast tanks to level up tank volumes, commenting that ballast operations should be planned to avoid any accident.


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