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Grounded bulk carrier off Falmouth Bay had no insurance

The UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the grounding of bulk carrier ‘Kuzma Minin’ in Falmouth Bay, in December 2018. The report highlights the unexpected pressures caused during salvage efforts due to the vessel’s lack of P&I insurance. 

Commercial boat collides with a mooring buoy, four minor injuries

UK MAIB focuses on a collision that took place between an inflatable boat and a mooring buoy, on River Thames in London. The collision resulted to two passengers and the boat’s two crews, with minor injuries, that were later transmitted to the hospital. In the meantime, the commercially operated rigid inflatable boat suffered severe damages.

UK MAIB: Timeline of key accidents in 2018

UK MAIB issued its annual report, recording a total of 1,227 accidents to UK vessels or in UK coastal waters in 2018. This is just a few less than the previous year. These accidents involved 1,339 vessels, including casualties and incidents. The report also contains a timeline of accident occurrences through 2018. 

Lessons learned: Man overboard fatality when transferring from boat to boat

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB analyzed a man overboard fatality, involving the transfer of an individual from a moored RHIB to a small inflatable dinghy. MAIB stressed that the two people onboard routinely wore lifejackets when they took the RHIB to sea, but did not wear them when rowing to the mooring to bail the boat.

Lessons learned: Sailing in shallow waters leads to grounding

In its latest Safety Digest, the UK MAIB describes a case of a yacht grounding during an ocean race. With respect to this incident, MAIB advised that every vessel sailing at sea needs a passage plan that has identified all potential hazards for the voyage ahead.

Lessons Learned: Always call the coastguard when in emergency

In the latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB focused on a serious back injury caused when a RHIB tried to cross the waves of a passing vessel. The incident took place off the South coast of England, while eight passengers enjoyed a teambuilding exercise. UK MAIB highlighted that it is of a great importance to always call and inform the Coast Guard when an injury takes place on board, as they will be able to handle a critical situation.

UK MAIB: Bosun falls to death after crossing rope barrier

The UK MAIB issued an investigation report on a fatal fall from height onboard the freight ferry ‘Seatruck Pace’, moored in Liverpool, in December 2018. The investigation identified that the assistant bosun must have crossed a temporary rope barrier on to a narrow section of deck between the ship’s side and the open ramp hatch.

Lessons learned: Alcohol associated to man overboard fatality

As part of its investigation report on the man overboard fatality from the fishing vessel ‘Fram of Shieldaig’ off Scotland, UK MAIB issued a safety flyer for the fishing industry, sharing valuable lessons learned to prevent similar serious casualties in the future. 

Luxury catamaran collides with ferry

UK MAIB focuses on a collision accident concerning a luxury catamaran and a ferry. The catamaran tried to avoid the collision but its port side made heavy contact with the ferry. The Safety Digest notes that passage planning is of a great importance for better-safety conditions.

Lessons Learned: Automatic bilge pumps only stay automatic for so long

As UK MAIB presents in its latest Safety Digest, three fishermen went to haul some static nets. Yet, after sometime the vessel began sinking and the fishermen had to urgently call the coastguard to come to the rescue. Later on, the inspection showed that some equipment was outdated and wasn’t working, despite the fact that the vessel had been updated by one of the fishermen five years ago. 


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