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Lessons Learned: PFD increases chances of survival

UK MAIB issued an accident report on a fatal incident, when a skipper became entangled in a back rope while shooting creels and was hauled overboard; The son of the ill-fated skipper saw the  single-handed creel boat Sea Mist wandering around without him on board and raised the alarm.

Lessons learned: Taking shortcuts on an operation leads to accidents

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on how a mooring line from a ferry, can easily be tangled in the propeller, without the right communication between the ship personnel and the shore. Based on this accident, MAIB advises to always follow the directions of the safety system and keep in mind that routine operations allow safe practices to be tested.

Improperly manufactured keel leads yacht to capsize

UK MAIB has published its report on the UK registered charter yacht, Tyger of London, whose keel failed suddenly on 7 December 2017 and the yacht capsized. The crew, all wearing lifejackets, were thrown into the water and rescued by the British Army yacht, St Barbara V.

Lessons learned: Master injured after falling into opened hatch

In its latest Safety Digest, the UK MAIB describes an accident of a Master’s injury onboard a tug, which was caused by miscommunication and not proper sharing of information. The Master fell through a hatchway which was open while contractors were conducting operations. 

Skipper unable to slow down vessel, collides with wind turbine tower

In the latest edition of Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on a collision, when a crew transfer vessel collided with a wind turbine power, as the pitch control rod on the starboard controllable pitch propeller system was stuck, making the skippers attempts to slow down the vessel unsuccessful. 

Lessons learned: Good visibility not enough to prevent collision

The UK MAIB analyzed a case of a collision between a Ro-Ro passenger ferry and a motor cruiser, which was linked to insufficient lookout, despite fine weather and good visibility. Even in such conditions, other vessels can be easily missed if nobody is looking out for them, MAIB underlined. 

Lessons learned: Fatal fall linked to poor stevedoring practices

The UK MAIB shared valuable lessons learned from a fatal fall of a bosun from a deck cargo during discharging operations, which stressed issues surrounding poor stevedoring practices. During this discharge operation, the vessel’s crew had witnessed a series of poor safety practices by stevedores, MAIB noted.


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