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Ηistorically low waters in Parana River continue

Despite small improvement since June 2020, the critically low water levels in the Parana River continue, as the rainfalls in the basin are still expected to be ‘deficient’ during the last quarter of the year. 

UK Club informs on General Licences concerning business with PdVSA

UK P&I Club issued a circular concerning the Venezuelan Sanctions the US imposed to PDVSA on January. The Club addressed that PDVSA has been made a target of the US. In the meantime, a number of General Licences have been issued with authorisations of varying duration to allow U.S. citizens to wind down existing business with PdVSA or its subsidiaries.

UK P&I: Updates on vessel traffic due to Indonesian tsunami

The UK P&I club received updates on the tsunami that affected Indonesia on December 22. The club recommends that vessels passing through are alert and try to stay clear of the area, as practically as possible. As the alters in the depth of the water aren’t confirmed yet, the area’s naval activity isn’t busy. 

UK Club: Recent developments on Limitation Fund in Singapore and UAE

Under the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims 1976, shipowners may limit their liability in maritime claims by establishing a limitation fund. From 1 February 2018, Singapore’s Rules of Court have been amended to allow a person seeking relief in a limitation action to constitute a limitation fund either by making payment into Court under an order of the Court, or by producing a LOU from a P&I Club acceptable to the Court.

UK Club: Fines related to ‘Cash to Master’ incidents in Algeria

The UK P&I Club informed it has recently encountered two separate incidents in Algeria, where crew members taking cash to the Master of the ship have had the cash confiscated by the Algerian Customs, as well as a fine imposed for twice the amount of the cash value.

Personal injuries at mooring stations remain alarming

The UK P&I Club has reported several recent incidents involving crew at mooring stations, most of which have resulted in life-changing or even fatal injuries. Industry advice with respect to identifying and marking snap-back zones came under review in 2015, when a deck officer was seriously injured during a mooring operation.

UK Club issues updates on Asian gypsy moth for 2018

The UK P&I Club informed about the high risk season for Asian Gypsy Moth. Ships which have called an infested area during the period in which AGM is likely to contaminate them, especially from June to September, should be inspected and get an Inspection Certificate of Freedom from AGM before entering the NAPPO region.

Fuel contamination at Port of Houston expanded to Panama

On 26th April 2018, Veritas Petroleum Services issued a Bunker Alert informing about a fuel contamination problem at the Port of Houston, which included sticking of fuel plungers, fuel-pump seizures and failures affecting multiple vessels. A situation that was also confirmed by FOBAS. Now, the UK Club informs that this problem has expanded to Panama as well.

UK Club: FAQs on current bunker issues in US Gulf

Following continued bunker issues in the US Gulf, the UK Club published a short FAQ in conjunction with Brookes Bell. These claims appear to relate to fuel bunkered late March-May this year, with the problems manifest variously in the form of sticking and seizure of fuel injection system components and blocking of fuel filters. 

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