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UK Club examines the legal issues of ‘smart contracts’

As the digital revolution is becoming a reality, almost every day there are new technological developments. For this reason, the UK P&I Club issued a briefing looking at blockchain contracts. The contracts are also known as ‘smart contracts’, and the Club describes their benefits as well as legal issues that may arise.

UK P&I Club: Cyber fraud still poses problems

The UK Club urges operators to ensure that their payments/accounts departments are reminded of the need to exercise caution, to be vigilant and to double check any changes to existing payment instructions.

Cyber security: prevention is better than cure, UK Club says

UK P&I Club highlighted the importance of cyber security at sea, explaining that the use of computerised systems for everything, from navigation to container inspection, has enhanced the safety and security of vessels at sea, but it has also created a new type of threat to the shipping industry – cybercrime.

LR, UK Club launch Life-Saving Appliances pocket checklist app

LR and the UK P&I Club have released a Life-Saving Appliances pocket checklist app to help ensure that ship personnel are trained in how to inspect, maintain and operate life-saving equipment, and that equipment is ready for use at all times.

LR, UK P&I Club launch new apps to tackle PSC detentions

In a fully paperless operation, the apps enable ships’ crews and their managers to view necessary legislative and regulatory requirements, save multiple checklists, check off completed activities, add essential notes and send the completed checklists via email

A P&I club’ s take on ECDIS

UK P&I Club has consolidated a series of three articles on ECDIS The UK P&I Club has consolidated a series…

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