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UK Chamber of Shipping: Speed reduction regulation would hamper low-carbon transition

As the 2020 sulphur cap is getting closer and closer, the UK Chamber of Shipping takes a look at a proposal to reduce emissions, which is speed reduction. The Chamber comments that this idea is not new to the IMO, but until now it has not been accepted, as it would directly impact worldwide trade. These proposals may have a positive intention, but they do not match the risk leaving gaps in the IMO’s decarbonisation plan, the Chamber says.

What are the costs of reducing GHG emissions in shipping?

Dr. Nishatabbas Rehmatulla from UCL Energy Institute, spoke to UK Chamber of Shipping’s ‘IMO Greenhouse Gas Strategy Forum’, providing his expectations on what the GHG emissions reduction will be. Dr. Rehmatulla notes that decarbonising the shipping industry will be no more expensive than many other sectors.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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