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UK Chamber of Shipping develops Safety Culture Charter

The UK Chamber of Shipping announced that, with the support of their operators, has developed a ‘Safety Culture Charter’ to promote and adopt a positive Safety Culture within their member organisations, leading from the top down. The initiative aims to reduce the number of accidents and incidents at sea. 

HiLo project: A new way of thinking to stop serious maritime accidents

Eradicating maritime casualties remains a top priority for the shipping industry which is struggling to keep fatality and injury rates at low figures. A shipping casualty can bring loss of life, cause irreversible injuries, destroy an ecosystem, lead to major cost claims and damage reputation. The only way to avoid all these is to prevent the accident itself.

How can ships avoid hurricanes?

Hurricane Irma has sent shipping into disarray, particularly for cruise passengers. Around 40,000 holidaymakers are estimated to have been affected by disruption to scheduled cruises this week and this figure could rise further as Irma speeds through the Caribbean towards southern Florida. 

UK Chamber urges for step change in shipping safety

At UK Chamber of Shipping’s annual summer lunch, in Edinburgh, the president Dr Grahaeme Henderson presented ideas on how to lead the way in creating a safer and more prosperous maritime sector. In order to create a shipping industry that works for all, he said, shipping needs to undergo a step change to radically improve its safety culture.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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