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UK Ship Register to expand, more shipowners under the UK flag

The UK Chamber applauds UK Ship Register’s (UKSR) changes, according to which owners from a broader group of countries will be able to register their vessels in the UK. UKSR announced its decision on expanding its ownership eligibility, enabling more shipping companies from around the globe to flag to the UK.

Guy Platten becomes new ICS Secretary-General

The Board of the International Chamber of Shipping announced the appointment of Guy Platten to the role of Secretary General, after almost five years at the UK Chamber of Shipping. Mr. Platten will replace Mr. Peter Hinchliffe in mid-2018.

Shipping is vital for defending globalisation, says UK Chamber CEO

Capitalism, globalization and international collaboration spread prosperity and growth – and shipping has a vital role to play in this process. “The future of trade is too important to be left to others to decide,” UK Chamber CEO Guy Platten said during the charity dinner in Glasgow.

Half of Greek shipowners would consider relocating

More than half of Greek shipowners would consider relocating their shipmanagement offices out of Greece, while 9% said they would not, according to a new Ernst & Young study. Greece’s tax framework and regulatory environment were the main reasons given by those considering relocation.

UK MCA gets modern twist

The UK’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency is modernising the way the UK Ship Register operates, with a number of new initiatives. At the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Maritime and Ports, attendees were informed that the MCA is considering increasing the fee structure for the UK Ship Register to above 2016 levels.

UK campaign informs school students on maritime career

The UK Chamber of Shipping announced that a campaign, bringing seafarers into classrooms and careers fairs, is growing in popularity and has been nominated for an award. Over 310 volunteers are currently involved in Careers at Sea’s Ambassadors campaign.

Keep calm and carry on for the UK shipping sector

UK Chamber of Shipping Chief Executive Guy Platten,the week after the UK voted to leave the EU, said that the shipping industry needs to do what it always has done – keep calm and carry on.


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