UAE now open for crew changes

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to continue its crew change activities in all its ports and waters. Namely, according to the Federal Transport Authority, UAE will open crew changes to all ports across the nation’s seven emirates.

ITF and UAE continue cooperation

The ITF continued its collaboration with the Government of the United Arab Emirates, during a meeting in Dubai. ITF and UAE discussed the successful cooperation on helping seafarers abandoned in UAE waters. The partners talked abandoned seafarers, discussed future work and assessed the ITF-UAE memorandum of understanding (MOU).

ITF expresses concerns on sabotage act in UAE territorial waters

The International Transport Worker’s Federation (ITF) expressed its concerns on the sabotage act that took place in UAE waters, on Sunday, May 12. Thus, ITF unions have planned a meeting in Genoa, Italy to discuss this matter that arose, and see how it affects seafarers.

Abandoned seafarers’ family discusses consequences

Human Rights at Sea published the first of a series of case studies on the families of Indian seafarers that are still abandoned for more than 33 months, offshore the UAE. HRAS’s latest publication ‘Abandonment. A Pattern of Human Rights Abuse’ aims to alert the public’s awareness of the consequences to those who suffer, including the family members left behind.

Petition started for 40 seafarers abandoned in UAE

British human rights charity ‘Justice Upheld’ has started a petition for 40 seafarers from India, Sudan, Tanzania, Eritrea and Ethiopia, who have been deliberately abandoned at sea on ships owned by an UAE-based shipping company for over 27 months without pay.

HRAS condemns seafarers abandonment in UAE

Elizabeth Mavropoulou, Charity Administrator & Programme Manager at HRAS, provides a short comment on the HRAS Case Study on the Seafarers Abandonment in the UAE. Namely, 40 crew members, of whom 30 Indian nationals, were stranded in three vessels owned by the same shipping company.

HRAS: 40 seafarers stranded in UAE

Human Rights at Sea presented a case of 40 seafarers who are abandoned in difficult conditions in the UAE. The seafarers suffer from physical and mental health issues, while their salaries are outstanding for more than a year.

Fujairah Port now requires 96 hour online visa

Seafarers who want to embark or disembark at the Fujairah port in United Arab Emirates will now have to obtain a 96 hour online visa. However, nationals from the Gulf Cooperation Council Oman, Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain, will not require such a visa. Until now, Fujairah Port was granting on-arrival visas for 48 countries

UAE, ITF ink historic agreement against seafarers’ abandonment

ITF and the UAE Federal Transport Authority have joined forces with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, to protect the rights of all seafarers operating in UAE waters. The signing agreement, the first of its kind between a government authority and the ITF, took place at the IMO headquarters in London. 

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